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Feeling refreshed

I just came back from our daily walk. A new resolution (among my many) is to walk more. I am not an exercise person, even though my daughter is trying to get me to join her challenge (get me to a gym? really?) but maybe one day I can take her up on it.

Meantime, I am content with doing about 1500 steps each morning. We have breakfast, digest awhile and get ready to go out. The weather has been great so far and just a hoodie and vest is enough to go out. So we are taking advantage of it. Walking also affords us the pleasure of talking without distractions like tv. And on our walk we take in the neighborhood, meet some of the neighbors and wave to the many dogs on the blocks. They are usually being walked by their owners and have actually gotten to know us themselves. Some want their petting done and others, well, a wave is enough.

I often think of getting a dog myself but not sure I want the responsibility or can keep up the care of one. The thought of walking one during the snow time here in NY gets me leery since I am not always steady on my feet. So we are just thinking about it right now.

Now that we are back home, hubby takes the time to nap but I feel like I can go another 1500 steps. But this is a day I have other things to do. I have a meeting coming up this afternoon and of course finishing up my Avon orders…although a big one went in yesterday. I like to submit my orders on a Sunday because then it is delivered on Wednesday when I know I will be home to accept it.

So what do you do for exercise?


I Took It

Now that I am retired I have to find things to do. Well, not all the time. I have plenty to do – like cleaning out those closets. But the top of list contains my main objective and that is losing weight. Already down 38 lbs I find I am able to move around more and so I have added walking to my list.

Today I continue to take that walk around the block (previously the walk to the kitchen was too much) and with the nice weather – not too cold and not too hot – it was perfect.

I saw decorations still up on the neighbor’s house and quite a few cars in their driveways. Guess many people are still off from work. The garbage cans are also being put outside since pickup is in the morning.

And so I have returned from taking that walk and feel invigorated. Enough to go downstairs and start a load of laundry and then have a second cup of coffee. How is your day going?