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Baked Ziti Night

After 45 years of cooking, I am all for eating out. It’s not that I dont like cooking (well, some days I really don’t); it is more like “what should I make tonight”?

You have to realize my whole married life (didnt cook before that) was spent on being a SAHM cooking for five children, hubby, father in law and of course the dog. So it was with huge pots that my dinners were made of. Any leftovers were frozen and used again in a stew or thrown into the crock pot.

But now it’s just hubby and me and believe me, sometimes a sandwich or cereal is just as good. But tonight we have three of our grandsons over and while I tried to talk hubby into taking us all out…(didn’t work) I put the question out to the kids……..What would you like to have for dinner?

And the word Pasta came out of their mouths. Now I don’t have anything against it except I am on a weight loss program and a small amount of pasta does not do it for me. Carbs are my thing. But loving my grandsons, I pulled out the big pot and started boiling the ziti. Thank goodness I always have sauce and cheese in the house because they wanted Baked Ziti.

Growing boys that they are I am not worried about eating any pasta…..because they are really going through the pan and this is what’s left (so far).

Baked Ziti Night

I hate to cook

I don’t know how I got to this place. I used to cook for 8 people (and a dog) back when I was a stay at home mom with five children, hubby and father-in-law. I cooked three meals a day and not quick meals either. Even chicken cutlets were family sized….25 cutlets at a time, with potatoes and veggies, salad and bread.

Bread…I made homemade bread and soups (no crockpot either). I baked every week also. We had a freezer downstairs to store all the perishable foods like meat, because with a large family we just couldnt go shopping everyday.

Now that I am retired and have all the time in the world, I am looking for quick and easy dishes to make – of course it is just hubby and me. So how much should I really cook. Actually, if the truth be known – I love to go out to eat. I have also become a small eater….not able to devour food like I used to. So even going out means eating half and bringing home the rest for lunch the next day.

And of course, the price of eating out is enormous so we can’t do it often. Special occasions usually and once in a while going to a diner for breakfast. I try to keep enough in the house that if I don’t feel like cooking (which is everyday) I can whip together some sandwiches or even egg omelets.

Are you fond of cooking? Or have you reached the same point as me?

Tonight We Are Five

I have come to the road in my life where there is only the two of us.  Hubby and I, both retired, are living our days doing whatever we want.  Whether that is getting up early or late; eating breakfast or eating out; going to the movies or staying home; watching tv or hanging out on the deck….it is our choice and very relaxing to realize we dont have to do anything we dont want to.

Just the two of us.

Image result for Grandma and Grandpa Clip Art

And so tonight we are five.  Three of our nine grandchildren are having a sleepover.  Which means cooking for five, entertaining these three, watching the movie they want to watch, playing the games they want to.  So far there are no fights, thats a good thing.  They are each doing their own thing.  One is on xbox, one is on his tablet, one is reading….and now after dinner they are watching a movie.

But we all sat down at the table to eat and talk….and since they are watching a movie on tv while I am typing this.  The house is quiet again. These are precious moments to be remembered because while they are all under the age of 14….pretty soon going to grandma’s house wont be on their list of things to do…….but who knows, maybe I am wrong….my 17 year old grandson comes to visit us often, staying to watch baseball with us…..

Precious moments….tomorrow I will go out in the morning to buy bagels for us for breakfast….and then they will be picked up by their mom and there will be……………

Just the two of us…

Today we go home

In case you were wondering where I was, it has been a hard week for me.  On Tuesday hubby had a heart episode and I called 911 to get an ambulance to the house.  They came in five minutes, checked his vitals and we were on our way to the hospital.  Since it was serious we were then transported to another hospital in the city, where he has been since.


Today I take him home. After five of days of getting no rest (hubby’s words) but excellent care, he will be returning home to rest. I sit here writing this before I go to pick him up and think about the past five days.  What have I realized?

I hate sleeping alone (so much I put a pillow on his side so it feels like he is there.

The house is extremely quiet.  Not that he is a noisy husband, but the tv is always on…..I am not a tv person so I never put it on when I returned from visiting him (except to watch the Mets lose, 😦 another post sometime…..and so I returned to a quiet house and woke up to one – yes that is how much the tv is on.

I dont like eating by myself…..and so I lost a few pounds (the upside)

I drove into the city each day, so dealing with traffic was horrendous and parking in a lot is inflating my credit card….but he did get the best of care.  The doctor was amazing in the procedure he got; the nurses were personable and caring to his every whim (and he had a lot of whims)…they were even caring to me.  Taking this trip back and forth caused me to have some health issues of my own, and one day when I arrived and my feet were swollen, they brought me in a recliner so I can sit with my feet up.  As I was there all day, they offered me drink and food.  They explained any meds or preps they were doing.  They are the best nurses ever.  And I do know they have the hardest job.

And so it is time to leave, take my drive in, and bring my man home…..I am very happy.  Have a great day!


Getting old sucks….or not

So today we went to the doctors.  Again…we cancelled the last appointment because of the snow and ice, so this time with nice weather we had to go.  You see, at our age there are medical problems.  Hubby has a heart condition and well, me – the blood sugar and blood pressure are not so good.  Along with some leg and knee problems.

I often wonder when all this happened.  It seems not too long ago I was running around with five kids at my heels…working a full time job and going to school two nights a week.  I did grocery shopping, attended my kid’s ball games and even went out once or twice a month with friends.

But as each year passes it seems the old bones are not functioning anymore.  The kids are grown, I finally retired and now that I have all this free time….the body is falling apart.  While I no longer have kids to run after, my grandchildren keep me busy.  But with today’s electronics, they are not interested in going to the park.  Maybe that is good because I cant do parks anymore anyway.  But we do have fun playing card games and watching movies.  It does come to mind that maybe with my age and ailments, it is time to relax….I deserve it.  Getting up late is the greatest change and not going out in all that snow has its advantage.  I do try to walk although I need knee replacement surgery and so walking is not the easiest.  But I can also read all I want and it is one of my loves. l I also love to crochet.  And I still have my part-time business to keep me out and about (but on my own schedule) plus I can work it online also.   I take it slow (I’m entitled to do that) and while I am never in a rush…I can stop to smell the roses along the way (as soon as they start blooming again, that is).

So while old age isnt the best when you are ailing, it is part of life that mostly everyone reaches.  And how you contend with it is what makes you able to bear it…or look forward to it.  Besides age is just a number…..so put on your big girls pants and get out in that sun today (because for all we know, tomorrow we will have snow)….and put on a smile….because there are a lot more things that suck, than old age!

Review – The Widow and the Orphan

The Widow and the Orphan by J. Thomas-Like


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, so, so, so sad. I had tears in my eyes reading about Pepper who found the man of her dreams only to find out that he was dying. Throughout the book we find out how Pepper and Gabe manage to pull themselves through this tragedy.

Insisting that they get married, Gabe treats her to a beautiful wedding only to be surprised himself when an unexpected child shows up! Having to plan a wedding, then a funeral and cope with motherhood….you wonder what will happen next…..yes, there is another surprise.

But you will have to read to book to find out the situation Pepper finds herself in next. Lovely story.