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Grandma Grandma

I recently read so many posts about people’s grandmothers and it brought back memories of my own grandma. She passed when I was 16 but oh the memories are still there. There wasnt anything she wouldn’t do for her grandchildren, especially me because I was the first.

We were fortunate enough that she lives 4 houses down from us on the same block and going out meant walking over to grandma’s house. She raised 8 children by herself (never knew my grandfather) and I remember these giant pots she used to cook in. Homemade EVERYTHING!

There were no frozen dinners or cans of soup then. She made big pots of chicken soup – Greek chicken soup – called Avgolemono – and shared it with her daughters who also lived on the same block. I have never been able to make that soup, not like grandmas – it must have been all the love she put into it that made it taste soooo good.

I hate to cook

I don’t know how I got to this place. I used to cook for 8 people (and a dog) back when I was a stay at home mom with five children, hubby and father-in-law. I cooked three meals a day and not quick meals either. Even chicken cutlets were family sized….25 cutlets at a time, with potatoes and veggies, salad and bread.

Bread…I made homemade bread and soups (no crockpot either). I baked every week also. We had a freezer downstairs to store all the perishable foods like meat, because with a large family we just couldnt go shopping everyday.

Now that I am retired and have all the time in the world, I am looking for quick and easy dishes to make – of course it is just hubby and me. So how much should I really cook. Actually, if the truth be known – I love to go out to eat. I have also become a small eater….not able to devour food like I used to. So even going out means eating half and bringing home the rest for lunch the next day.

And of course, the price of eating out is enormous so we can’t do it often. Special occasions usually and once in a while going to a diner for breakfast. I try to keep enough in the house that if I don’t feel like cooking (which is everyday) I can whip together some sandwiches or even egg omelets.

Are you fond of cooking? Or have you reached the same point as me?

Breakfast with the boys

The boys outnumber the girls in my family. Having given birth to 4 boys and 1 daughter it has always been 6 against 2 (grandpa lived with us, although if you count the dog, another she is added).

And so when these children of mine left home, married and gave me grandchildren, 9 of them – they gave me all boys. Now my daughter and I are really outnumbered – 13 to 2. But that is fine, love them all and always and we feel pretty special also.

So when this week came around – Regents Week – and the high school kids are off, hubby and I thought it would be nice to take some of the boys out to breakfast….

Two of them came along – great conversation and food. They are growing up fast so whatever time we can steal is a blessing. I was nice to have two teenagers (15 and 14) want to spend time with us.


When I was younger I went to a birthday party and for drinks the mom served tomato juice.  I got sick and till today I cannot drink it. But somehow I love tomatoes and try to have some everyday.  Too much doesn’t do it as the acid in it does a job on my stomach so I eat small pieces.

Today as I made my tuna sandwich I took a piece of tomato, piece of onion and chopped them together with a little balsamic vinegar (bruschetta without the garlic?) and placed on my sandwich.  Tasty.  I like to dress up my tuna sandwiches from time to time.

Do you have a favorite vegetable (or is it a fruit?)  And what do you do to it to make it special?  Would love to hear from you.