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Step out of the bath or shower….dry off and ?

If you are like me, you like to spray on some body mist to make you feel sexy and seductive…..and what better time of the year than Valentines is there?

Try Ultra Sexy – pink, heart or lace in body sprays or Eau de Toilette……available now at my store



You smell good…

Ever start talking to a friend and all of a sudden realize that she or he really smells good. There are some people who always have that fresh nice smell about them. Like they just stepped out of a shower and sprayed themselves with a splash cologne..I have never found a scent that remained that long on me.  No matter what I use about two hours later it is gone.  No one has ever asked me – what cologne are you wearing?  You smell so good….and so I keep looking.

I have spent hundreds of dollars on expensive cologne – Macy’s being my go-to place.  I sometimes use gifts cards and discount codes to drop it down, but it still costs me around $70.  Way too much for a scent that doesnt last.  I like the way it smells but I want it to last all day.  And so the search goes on,

Until the day I started wearing Avon cologne.  Yes, some of them dont last either, but at least I am spending less than half I usually pay for cologne.  And then after going through many of the scents they sell, I found my special one – the one that I smell all day long and people ask me what that scent is that I am wearing.

One of my favorites and best seller…there are three….Haiku – fresh scent; Haiku Kyoto Flower – floral scent; and Haiku Reflection – blossom and amber wood.


Share a Quiet Moment

In this hectic world we live in, there are only a few moments we can call quiet.

Especially if you have children – demanding and always underfoot no matter what age – there is no time for quiet.  So how do you change it.  Put your mind to getting that special time where everything is about you.  Even if it is only for 15 minutes.  I find those times where I read, sip tea (or wine) and sit with my feet up are so relaxing.  I dont want it to end.  I often find myself (when the weather allows) sitting on the patio, with the flowers and trees surrounding me.  Reading, and relaxing.  Life is too hectic – make time to smell the roses.

Speaking of flowers…what better way to smell flowers than to wear them.  Haiku is a cologne that brings out flower scents like jasmine, lilies, peony, violets and more.  Take a chance and bathe yourself in the scents of relaxation – purchase online now at http://www.youravon.com/ashapiro


Deal of the Day #8…smells good.

So we had free makeup, and free candles, and free skin care items……and today we have free fragrance.

This is a duo – lotion and parfum – filled with florals, spiced amber and spirit moving woods.

Yours free with a purchase from my store at www.youravon.com/ashapiro today only….why not try it?  You might like it!


Show Your Stripes

Want to try something new?  Avon has put out the Mark Mod (Limited Edition)

Black and white stripes are shown here giving you a medley of rose and capucine florals spiked with spicy nutmeg allure.

Buy the fragrance and get the body lotion free………now at my e-store where you get free shipping with any $20 purchase!


Signature Scents

Looking for a great gift for the upcoming holidays?  Maybe you were invited to Thanksgiving dinner and want to bring a hostess gift (instead of cake)….Avon

has put together these two gift sets – Little Red Dress – warm and spicy, sensual red raspberry, sophisticated Bulgarian rose and rich sandalwood….3 piece boxed gift set at a value of $45 for only $25.00…..includes Parfum, Body Lotion and Shower Gel.

Or my favorite – Prima – elegant plum, intoxicating rose and intense white patchouli…..a $54 value for only $25.00

Check it out at my e-store – http://www.youravon.com/ashapiro


Wild Country



Aromatic Woods

A scent that has been a favorite for 50 years!

That is the masculine appeal of WILD COUNTRY

And now for a limited time get this Collectible Decanter for only $20 – a great gift for the man in your life

Item #716219 at http://www.youravon.com/ashapiro