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12 days of deals – #10

So we have covered so many parts of the body this week.  What is left?  How about your hair?  There is nothing better than having great hair.  And this I personally use also.  

It is a treatment that contains nourishing moroccan argan oil, its a leave in treatment that goes with your hair shampoo and conditioner (or purchase your shampoo and conditioner from Avon and also get the hair treatment for free.  We also sell hair brushes including straightening brushes.

Remember, this deal is only for today….


12 days of deals – #8

So we have given away free bath oil, a hydrating mask, some highlight powder, illuminating mist, mascara, a candle and even 20% off your order.  What could be next?  

Wait no longer, because today you will get Eye Cream.  And there is no other cream like it.  In fact I just ordered a jar again for myself…guess I should have waited for today and got it for #free.

This is a cream and an eye gel.  One for your upper lids and one for your under eye.  The skin around your eyes is thinner so it requires a special treatment.  Within 7 days you will see a dramatic life.  This jar is priced at $28 so getting it free is really a steal. 

I can truly say good things about Avon because I not only sell it but I also use it.  I feel that in order to give my customers an honest opinion about the products, I have to use the product first.  And so, I kid you not, when I say this products really works…..it really works. 

12 days of deals – #7

As you check out Avon you find lots of makeup and skin care.  Yes we are that.  But did you know that Avon also has other products?  We have beautiful clothes, slippers, jewelry, children’s items, vitamins, shoes and also candles.

So for this deal day Avon is giving away free candles with your order.  If you have ever bought a candle  before, you know that there are three wicks, they smell better than another name brand, they give 30 hours of burn time, and right now they have holiday scents such as Spice Wreath, Cinnamon Bourbon, Cranberry Cider among other scents.

So today you get one FREE…you are doing your holiday shopping anyway, why not get a little something for yourself?


12 days of deals #6 #free mascara

We all love mascara, in fact I dont leave the house without it.  So Avon thought it would be great to give out some free mascara with your order.  It is a good time to try out any one of the mascaras that Avon has. 

I personally love the LOVE mascara which is on a great sale right now also.  And so the deals keep coming.  Not into mascara?  No problem, we have more products coming up, so keep checking back here daily for free products like candles, hair treatments, fragrances, eye cream and free shipping 

Remember to use the code today – 

Stop Faking It

The thing about beauty is it’s fleeting.  We start out as a cute baby (most of us anyway) and grow into a cute toddler, and then by the teenage years we are experimenting with beauty and colors and accessories.  Our 20s and 30s find us trying to stay in those decades because inevitably we find ourselves pushing 40….and by 50 we are wondering what happened.

Some of us accept what we are and look like, content in that fact that at our age who are we kidding.  We would need a lot more makeup to get back to looking like 20.  Or you can go the other way, surgery is always a option, although I am not one to go that way.  And so we find what we were doing for our skin in our 20s has a way of catching up to us.

But if you turn on the TV today, you will find all kinds of skin care products telling us they will get rid of those wrinkles, make your lips fuller, lashes longer and skin smoother.  But are you willing to send hundreds of dollars to do that?  I always believed that starting to take care of our skin in our 20s affords us the best possible skin later in our lives.

I have always wanted longer lashes.  The boys in my family have such long and full lashes….while us gals are piling on the mascara.  Or maybe putting on some fake eyelashes.  Or permanent eyelashes.

Well, no more – because I have found UNLIMITED LASHES… In just weeks your lashes look longer, fuller and healthier.  Avon’s unique serum, with a peptide blend and botanicals, is designed to dramatically enhance the look of your lashes….so you never have to FAKE it.

Dare to compare to prestige brands sold from $80 to $150…..you can get this serum for only $39.99 Plus get a FREE Eye Lift Pro with your purchase…..Check out my store at www.youravon.com/ashapiro 


Yours need a lift too!

As we get older and go through life, we find that things need a lift.

Sometimes it is only your attitude and feelings; sometimes it is more physical.

We lift parts of our body, whether it is by surgery or just by garments we wear.

But one of things we almost never think about needing a lift is our……

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Overload, Cleaning and Free

So I finally cleaned up my office section of the dining room.  Yes I have an office upstairs – the whole room with a desk and laptop but I find it exhausting to climb the stairs every time a customer calls about an order.  The closer I get to submission dates, the more calls I receive (business is good).

So today I decided was a good day to clean up my office nook.  I was cleaning the house anyway due to the holidays coming this weekend, so after bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning and laundry I sat myself down and tackled the the office corner of my dining room.  Most of the items were old paperwork (which I also download to my computer) so I decided to recycle some paper I no longer needed.  I keep the latest brochures though and of course all the other items I can get my hands on quickly.

It is exactly what I need for a quick order….

Also as I was cleaning up I came across some hand creams that were extras that I keep around for quick gifts and thank yous to customers who order from me….so these 9 hand creams were buried under all the paperwork I had accumulated.

So beginning today, March 26 through March 30, I will be giving away (free) one of these hand creams to any customer who places a $25 order online at http://www.youravon.com/ashapiro  (hand creams will not be coming with your order as you will be ordering from Avon through my estore…therefore, I will be sending them separately)…hurry as there are only 9 hand creams and once they are gone, they are gone….this offer ends March 30, 2018.