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Free Shipping Today

Avon always has free shipping but you have to spend a minimum of $40

Some of us dont want to do that, or do not need that amount of products.

So today and tomorrow ONLY – buy only $20 worth of products – use the code TWENTY – and get free shipping.  Avon sends your order out in two days….can’t beat it..but that’s only for two days…shop now at http://www.youravon.com/ashapiro

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Show Your Neckline

Avon Anew is the best cream there is…..special for each age…this one – Platinum – is for us older ladies.

When your neckline is not looking like it should…lather it in a Day Cream, use a Night Cream and dont forget those eyes and lips.

It visibly restores youthful-looking contours

And it cost only $21.99 – buy the day cream and night cream and get Free Shipping. (regularly $38.00)

Or resculpt the look of skin on your neck with the Firm and Sculpt Cream for Neck and Chest.

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Simple and Sophisticated

Avon is introducing their Stainless Steel Jewelry – perfect additions for your everyday wardrobe.


Their layered necklace item #715963…….their layered bracelet item #71598……their layered ring item # depending on size you require.

Or buy all 3 or just $95.00 and #freeshipping is included.

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Lift your Eyes

Do you want your eyes to see a dramatic lift in only 7 days?

One of my features that I think I need to improve are my eyes.  First of course they are small – very small and deep set into my face.  I am not one for plastic surgery so I am forever looking for ways to enhance my eyes.

Even if I am hanging around in the house that day I will still make up my eyes – a little eyeliner and mascara does wonders for my eyes and how I feel I look.  Of course, age has a lot to do with them.  Therefore, I also look for a beauty product that will help lift my eyes.

And that is why I am an avid user of Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye Serum.

Formualated with injectable-grade arginine.  Part gel for the upper eye and part cream for the under eye.  Your eyes will never look so good…try it and after 7 days if you dont see an improvement…..you can always return it.  Avon’s return policy is the best.  But I am more than sure you will love it…..like I do.

Avon is selling this eye system at it’s lowest price this year – for only $19.99 – item #327391


Never Enough

Why is it that as much jewelry we own, there is always more that we want and buy?

And if nothing else, Avon has beautiful jewelry and well made.  I have never had a complaint about any of their items.

In fact they usually look better than the picture in the book.

Right now you can purchase any two of these items below on the left side of the page for only $20

Antique animal cuff bracelet; birthstone color tennis bracelet; summer sands initial bracelet; birthstone color heart charm bracelet

The Wise Owl Necklace and Elephant Necklace are not included but can be purchased for $14.99 (Owl) and $19.99 (Elephant)

Avon jewelry goes fast so get yours today…..and #free shipping is always included on any purchase over $40.

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Are you receiving my books?

In the process of mailing out #free #Avon books again.

Don’t miss out today – get your name and address on my mailing list by Sunday

and you will receive a free Avon book – no obligation to buy.  C-21 will be mailed out next week.  Request a book here……

Never browsed through a book?  Don’t know what you are missing…..get one now.

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Toss, toss, toss, toss and then toss

I did it today.  Grandson C called me, and asked what I was doing.  Having just returned from the supermarket I was waiting for my delivery so I was just having a cup of coffee while I waited.

“Want to Toss?”  Now you have to understand that C has not tossed for me for about two months.  I thought he didnt want to do it anymore (not an easy job) and so I just consoled myself with not doing this part of my business.  But alas it was summer vacation and what 13 year old wants to hang out with grandma when he can be playing, sleeping, watching tv or hanging with his friends.

So when he called I was delighted to not only work my business but also to see him.  After the groceries were delivered I called him to tell him I was on the way.  Picked him up and went through the neighborhood with a bag full of 25 books to toss.  When done he asked for more, there went the second bag and finally one more time – the third bag was gone – approximately 60-70 books were tossed today.

What is tossing?  Well as an Avon Rep I purchase brochures for my customers and then some.  I am always looking for new customers so I always order extra.  I give out books to people I meet whether in a store, restaurant, nail salon – I even leave them in laundromats.  But somehow there are always extras that I don’t get to give out……these get tossed.  Into the driveways or on the steps of neighboring houses with my information for people to contact me or even order online.

And that is part of my business – I love it because I get new customers and I get to see my grandson as we go through the neighborhood – we get to talk about our day, how summer is going – to me it is quality time.  I also do mailings but it is the personal aspect of tossing that I like. Of course there are always people who don’t like you tossing books on their lawn or in their driveway – but they are few and far between. Doesn’t everyone like brochures to browse through?  Wouldn’t you?  Contact me to get yours!  Next mailing will be in September!  Contact me today at www.youravon.com/ashapiro or shop my online book here.