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Do you like the color RED?

If you are not going to be home or the holidays, then you need a weekend bag and what better color to have it in but RED.  It is easy to spot and easy to keep an eye on.  A limited edition of this bag – called Joyful Beautiful – has a weekender bag, a cosmetic clutch and a cosmetic bag for the set.  But you can buy each one separately.  Buy the Weekender Bag ($29.99) and the Cosmetic Clutch ($12.99) and you will qualify for FREE SHIPPING.  First time buyers on my website also qualify for 10% off when using the code WELCOME10.

Check it out today before they are all gone…..



Light up the Holidays

Avon has a Home Fragrance Collection – each 3-wick 11 oz candle gives 30 hours of burn time and they are only $11.99 each.

For a limited time you can get free shipping on only a $20 purchase – so get one for a gift and one for yourself…..

They come in beautiful colorful jars with scents like FIG AND CHESTNUT – or SALTED CARAMEL – and my favorite SPARKLING CHAMPAGNE…..wouldnt these make not only a lovely gift but get one for yourself to use at your dinner table this holiday season!


Drawing Closer

They are coming closer.  Are you ready.  Once Halloween is over it is time to get ready for the holidays…with Thanksgiving a few weeks away can Christmas and Hanukkah be far behind?  No, so making my list and trying to start the shopping now.  What better way than from your living room at your computer.  Avon has just released campaign 25 book which is full of holiday gift items.  (We are not just makeup anymore)

Need gifts that are already boxed?  We have it…….

Need small gifts for stocking stuffers…….we have it

Need gifts that will fit any gender, any age?  we have it….

Take a  look today at my website and find all your holidays gifts at your fingertips…along with free shipping….at www.youravon.com/ashapiro

FREE and not a scam

Why do people think you want to scam them?  Because that is what is happening in this world right now.  I can’t count the number of scams that come over my emails these days.  And FB is worse – get lots of money without doing anything?  If that doesn’t sound like a scam.  Nothing comes easy.  We have to work for it and it always requires something in return.

But then again, maybe it doesn’t.  I have spent the month of October putting together some packets.  And I have distributed them to people who are interested in finding out what Avon is all about.  And that is all – I don’t require payment, I don’t even ask for your information – I just want you to know that Avon is out there and this is what they have to offer.  So my packets include a brochure, a skin sample, a lipstick sample and my business card.  Moms at Halloween were happy to get one while their children got candy.  Would you like one too???

Here is a sample of the packet:

So all my faithful readers can receive one if you would like….not a scam and no obligation to buy.  I will pay the postage to mail one to you….just so you can see what Avon has to offer.  Contact me today.

Fear of Trying

We all go through life fearing something.  Like bugs (hate them) and high places (hate that more).  But the worse fear I believe is the fear of trying.  We put things on the back burner because we dont want to try them for fear of …..? what?  Failing would be my first guess.  But if we dont try we will never know the feeling of success …. and it is only through our failures that we learn.


And so as I speak to my team, I try to instill in them that they must keep trying.  Success does not come over night. In our business we must get out everyday and talk to people.  Will we be turned down? Yes, not everyone is going to be interested in our business.  But we have to find ways to communicating with different people on why it is best for them to be interested in our products.

When we try to sell makeup to a person who doesn’t wear any – of course, it will not get us anywhere.  But what if that person can be encouraged to add a little eyeliner or blush.  And failing that, we all need to wash our face….Avon has the best cleanser in the world.

I also find it helpful if I stay away from recommending makeup to those who won’t listen and ask them about their fashion and jewelry because Avon is more than makeup.  And if all else fails, I offer them my 10% discount card…..everyone loves a discount.

For those of my readers who would like a free discount card, please leave a comment and I will gladly send you one.

Pajamas, Nightgowns or Nightshirts with Attitude

What do you wear to bed?  We grew up wearing pajamas but is that what you wear now?  And why?  I used to hate pajamas so I turned to nightgowns.  Is it hot in your bedroom? (think nice) and you don’t feel comfortable in nightgowns…..well, have you tried a nightshirt.  There are times when I have an old over sized shirt that I don’t wear anymore but hate to throw or give away.  So I have used them to sleep in.

Avon now have sleep shirts – with attitude.  These sleep shirts come in all sizes from small to 3X with such conversations as BINGE-WATCHING UNIFORM or THE JOY OF 8 HOURS or TO STREAM OR DREAM, THAT IS THE QUESTIONS and of course, UNPLUG ME.

For the price of $19.99 each they will also make beautiful gifts…..so check them out on my E-store here.

And also check out the Snowflake Robe for $34.99 – don’t forget there is always free shipping at Avon.



On Shimmer, On Glitzen

The holidays are coming and are you ready?  Avon has your gift and what is better than shopping from the comfort of your home?

Festive charm bracelet and brooch for those ladies, young and old, in your life.  The Reindeer brooch is a collection item – engraved with “Avon 2017”

Or how about earrings?  A box of 3 pair for only $9.99 per set.

Get them while it last and cross those friends and family off your list – head on over to www.youravon.com/ashapiro and dont forget to use code WELCOME10 for a 10% discount!