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Going, Going…..almost Gone

It’s hot this summer….what are you doing to keep cool?  When the temp reaches 95 degrees do you stay in or are you one of those people who will go out anyway.  Well, I love the hot weather and although there are time I will stay in the air conditioned house or store or car….you will probably find me sitting on the patio reading and sipping my wine (or coffee in the morning).

But along with loving the hot humid weather, comes bugs.  Flies, bees, mosquitoes and of course ticks.  So I never leave home or go out on my patio without my Bug Guard…..and it keeps those bugs away…….Avon is still having their sale on them so make sure you get yours today…..at my store – www.youravon.com/ashapiro

Anyone who places an order of $25 or more this week through my website  will be placed in my weekly raffle to receive a #free prize from me…remember to use code RA2507 to get free shipping on any order over $25!

this prize offer ends on Friday, July 21, 2017

Start your own business today!

I’ve been getting messages the last two days inquiring about joining Avon and selling to make a 40% profit.  Yes, Avon is having a special right now – and it will not last – where you can make 40% profit from all your sales.


And the more you sell, the higher your profit will be.  I am also hearing that some of you do not have the start up fee.  Avon has given us three choices: $25 or $50 or $100.  One of my team members also was hesitant to spend that money….so I told her to put aside a few dollars each week special for Avon and when she had the amount she wanted, then join.  Well, she listened and went for the $100 kit because it gave her more for her money.  But you can buy the $25 kit – it still has so much more.

If you are really serious in making Avon your business – once you join you also get a free website and continuous help not only from me but from groups on  FB and youtube recordings, giving you great ideas to continue and grow your business.  Wouldnt you like to be your own boss?

Ask me how or if you have already decided go straight to www.startavon.com and sign up using reference code ashapiro

Pair Up

Makeup is nice – makes you look nice – makes you feel nice BUT what you wear is also important.  And nothing goes better than matching embellished accents to make a brilliant combination.

Avon is offering Sparkle and Shine Flip Flops – white embellished upper and a soft, silver footbed for only $14.99

Paired with that is their Sparkle and Shine Tote Bag -large pink nylon tote with white mesh overlay and leatherlike metallic silver straps.  Outer slip pocket one inner zip and two slip pockets.  Magnetic snap….13″ high, 18″ length, and 4-1/2″ deep.  Handle drop is 9″.  Fully lined and all or only $29.99

Buy both and you qualify for #free shipping….Quantities are limited because something like this goes very fast…so get your now at www.youravon.com/ashapiro



Is your face dirty?

Let’s face it…it is summer and our faces do get dirty.  There is the sweat of the heat and of course, there is always dirt flying around.  Does it stick to your face? and you always feel grimy?  Well, Avon has an answer for that.  ANEW CLEAN


We have cleansing water, toner, gel cleanser (My Fave) and even wipes for those days you are away from home.

We have cleansing foam and a refining daily scrub…..ALL for $6.99 each.  Get yours here

Today if you use code JULYFS you can get #freeshipping on only a $25 purchase – so stock up…..

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Defy Gravity

Lift the look of your skin with our Platinum Collection

95% of women showed a visibly re-contoured neck area

With patent-pending Peptide Lifting Complex formulated to specifically treat the skin on your neck and chest, which is more vulnerable to wrinkles and sagging.

Order item #395294 now at the price of only $21.99 (after sale will be $38.00)

First order?  Use WELCOME10 for a 10% discount

What’s wrong with free?

I am a junkie for free. I always log on, sign up or download things that say free. Buy one, get one free. Free books (especially e-books) I’m your woman. So when I offer free – where are all the takers?

When someone shows interest in my website and registers with me – I send them #free samples along with #free codes that gets them #free shipping and #free items.

I love #free so much that I often leave samples in stores that I frequent.  Recently I entered a Dunkin Donuts and by the time I left with my coffee the samples were all gone.  That is the way I get visitors to my website and orders via online.  If someone doesnt want to touch base with a face to face order for me – then they can go online, get free shipping and discounts – and their order will ship in two days.  You also get the next campaign brochure free as long as you ask for it.

So, what’s wrong with free?  Contact me if you would like a free book, free samples or order online and receive free samples as a thank you.