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Get a good value

Did you know that you can get items that are valued at $36 or $55 or more for only $10.00?

Every campaign has an A-Box worth way more than $10…this campaign has “Your Spring Essentials”

Customers think this is a great deal since you get to try out 4 or 5 products for only $10.00 while buying items that you already need like mascara and eye shadow, etc. I know you have to spend $40 in order to order the A-Box but you will find it not only easy for your order to add up to $40 but also you automatically get free shipping with a $40 order.

And if that’s not enough when your order reaches $50 (with that A-Box) you will receive a 20% discount on your April order! So many offers….check it out now at my store.

12 days of deals, #5

And so we continue with the deals.  As much as I love getting free products, I find myself looking forward to those discounts.  Anytime I buy something on the internet I always look for those half price items, or buy one and get one free…I once bought a slew of clothing totaling $110 and when I got done with codes and discounts I paid only $55.

So today’s deal with be 20% off….isnt that great.  Buy to your hearts content and get this discount today only (plus there is always free shipping too)

How many deals have you tried?

It seems that nowadays with the holidays around the corner, all you are hearing about is deals.  Discounts, free shipping and buy one get one deals.  But then again who doesnt love a good deal.  I know I am always looking for one.  Before I buy anything I check if the store is covered by Ebates where I get cash back for every purchase I make on most stores…even Avon. 

Then I look for coupons for free shipping and of course discount codes. So it was with delight that I found out Avon is offering all these great deals…so dont wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday because it is going on now….


Free Shipping Today Only

There are always codes for free shipping at Avon.  You automatically get it when you spend $40.  But what if you dont want to spend $40?  How can you still get free shipping?  Follow this blog because I always post about #free shipping on orders as low as $25.

Wait……here is one for today….just for you!


Do you need a reason?

Summer is just around the corner and with all the rain we have been getting I am sure the mosquitoes are right behind this weather.

So now that Avon has brought out their Bug Guard it is time to get on board and order some.  I have them all in my house because I use it also.  I have those types of ankles that draw mosquitoes.  I can open the front door to speak to someone and 10 minutes later my ankles are all bit up.

Our Bug Guard contains Vitamin E, its non greasy, pleasant scent, hypoallergenic – some of them contain aloe, the lotion is PABA free; and if you do get bit we have an anti-itch spray (believe me IT WORKS!)

Check out the information below and decide today which one you need….they are all on sale and if you use code RA2504 today you will get #freeshipping on only a $25.00 purchase.  We automatically give you free shipping on a $40 purchase – but now you dont have to spend that much!  Head on over to my E-Store now….


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