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Roses are Red

And sometimes yellow…..the only good thing about all the rain we are getting is my roses are blooming…..


Standing still

I sit here at my computer, after watching a show; then reading a few chapters of an amazing book and watching hubby sleep.  It is two o’clock in the afternoon when I write this and while the weather outside is not delightful – I find I cannot move.  There is laundry to be done, housecleaning to be done but instead I sit here at my computer.

I am not playing games – I am not on FB – I am thinking.  The stillness and quiet is deafening.  While I do hear kids out front playing basketball – yes, my neighbor decided to put a basketball hoop in front of his house – and while he and his family are not around this weekend – I have the neighborhood children in front of my house.  But that noise does not stop the thoughts in my head.


Hubby sleeps way too much.  He says it is the medications he is on – way too many – but then he cannot sleep at night.  I am afraid that my life will change soon – you see, I plan to retire in 41 days….and I dont want to end up on the couch with hubby.

So I must make a plan to start moving…..I know what I would like to do, what I must do – get up every morning even though I have no where to go – and get out of the house.  I love being home, plan to read (my passion) plan to crochet (another passion) and of course having 9 grandkids will keep me busy too.  But the time they are in school there is still an expanse of time to do what?  I will have to convince hubby to do things with me because I will not stay home everyday…..

Going vertical again

When we first moved into this house we had a slider door going out back to our deck.  I hated the window treatment so finally went out and bought vertical blinds.  And have had nothing but trouble since.  They keep falling off and since we are no youngsters, we keep calling my son over to fix them.  Being plastic (since the metal ones would hurt the grandkids) we found them flimsy and easily breaking.


As you can see there are some that are missing and it is just not working anymore.  So today we went on a search for a company that will replace them and hopefully they will be better made.

We found one Blinds To Go in Park Slope and after telling them our dilemma they recommended fabric verticals.  They looked nice and they also showed how they are reinforced where they attach above.  So we decided to go with them (not a bad estimated price either) and now are waiting for the installers to call us back to set a date for measuring.  (After they go up, will write another blog and have picture)

What do you have on your sliding doors?

Time to check out Living

Did you know that Avon is more than makeup?  Each series of campaigns comes with what we call a Living Magazine.  The current one runs through Campaign 11 – so there is still enough time to check it out.  Beautiful home items include wind chimes, mugs, pots, baking items.


Browse my online Living book now by clicking on the following link:


Doing What I Want, When I Want

There is a countdown on my phone and yesterday I finally got a look at it…..and it told me that I have 92 days, 6 hours, 31 minutes, 24 seconds left to go until……… I retire.

When I started the countdown I remember it said something like 136 days, etc. and I said well, that’s a long way off.  But now there is only about 3 months left.  I have been reading blogs on retirement and trying to find out how other feel because I am not sure how I feel.  Oh, I do know I want to retire but then what.

How will it feel not getting up at 5:15 am (hitting the snooze button for 1/2 hour) – getting dressed, have a cup of coffee and out the door.  My schedule involves picking up 2 grandkids along the way and stopping at Dunkin Donuts.  After I drop them off at school – I finally arrive at work (also a school) and the day begins.

How am I not going to do that?  First thing of course will be shutting off that dam alarm, so I guess it will be easier not getting up that early.  Then  I will leisurely get dressed and go downstairs for my first cup of coffee.  I might even have it out on the patio if the weather permits.  Of course I will have my Kindle with me as I can now read during the day – instead of squeezing it in at night before bed.

I will go shopping at 9 am when the stores are not crowded.  I will have lunch with friends who are retired already.  Of course, I still have my Avon business so I will expand that – but because I want to do it, not that I have to.  I might take a class or two at the local community college.  Then there is joining the community center – I am lucky to have one in my neighborhood and one in the next neighborhood only 10 minutes away.

I can pick up and go anywhere – living near Atlantic City I can take the two hour drive and sit on the beach or gamble the day away.  And if I dont want to return home – I can stay there overnight – or for as long as I want.

As a lover of reading books I have always wanted to go to a book signing – but they are always at noon or 1 pm on a week day – yay, I can finally go to them.  I guess what I am saying is I CAN DO WHATEVER I PLEASE!!!!!

Baby It’s Cold Outside

OK, it is March and we have been having 70 degrees like crazy and I even am looking for sandals lately.  So all of a sudden not only does mother nature dump some snow on us (not a lot and not crippling snow) but she also sends some low low chilling weather – 2 degrees? really?  Now this is – stay in  the house – weather.  But I hate doing that because my business depends on me getting outside and mingling with people.  So I ventured out this morning to the nail salon, dunkin donuts, pharmacy and supermarket..and good thing I did because my supply of brochures I leave at these places had dwindled from last week.

So I left a new supply of books and ventured back home to warm up.  They are now saying we are in for a foot of snow come Tuesday.  So today I will package up some old books for throwing on Monday.  Maybe today I will also try on some new products from Avon – that face mask looks good and while I am at it I might even dye my hair……


Would you like to try this face mask?  Summer is right around the corner….get your summer face on by going to my website and checking it out at www.youravon.com/ashapiro

Ding dong…they are here

Today is laundry day and clean up day..I do these things slowly but they eventually get done.  So I am up from the laundry room and have decided to sit and have a cup of tea and just at that time the doorbell rings.

I hate answering the door as much as I hate answering the house phone.  Family has a key to my door and therefore I knew it was not family.  But the best thing I ever did was to install a monitor for my front door.  Click a button and see who is there.

The night before it was two young men going door to door selling Fios.  I have Optimum and no intention of changing.  Today it was a young man and woman and instead of going downstairs to answer the door – I IGNORED THEM.  Have no idea what they wanted and was just fed up with people ringing my doorbell trying to make me change my cable, or electric, my windows, etc.


This must sound funny coming from an Avon Lady who does door to door sales….but I am not that type of person.  I never ring bells, I never make annoying calls and I certainly dont pressure my customers into buying.  I do leave brochures at houses, I do emails (which you can unsubscribe from) and I do mail out brochures to potential customers.

I give out samples along with my business card and without pressuring people to buy – I do get customers.  And then I reward these customers – by giving extra samples along with a thank you card…..I appreciate the customers I have and look forward to servicing more customers. In my last campaign I gave everyone a free lip balm – just for being my customer.

I invite all to shop at my online store which may be easier for most customers…..www.youravon.com/ashapiro or like my Facebook page where I post the latest deals from Avon – www.facebook.com/AvonByAgnes

Now back to my tea….