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How is everyone coping with the cold.  I personally hate it.  And  even though I must go out of the house (being retired still means I need to shop, or drop off orders to customers) I hate the fact that I cant slip on my shoes and pick up my bag and head out the door.  No, there is that extra sweater I need, my boots, my gloves, my hat and of course my scarf.

On top of that there is no place to put all these extra accessories….especially since hubby has his stuff too.  But then again when the kids were all home, well, we had a load all over the place.  And so the winter is here….predicting snow tomorrow and other than moving to Florida I know I will have to cope.  On the brighter side (always look for a brighter side) I am retired.  So I dont HAVE TO go out.  And while before I was out first thing in the morning when the temperature was colder….I can now wait until after 10 am, when the sun comes out and warms up the neighborhood for me.

I also have some great customers who insist on picking up their orders, so all I do is wait from them at home.  So with a good outlook I will again survive the winter with the thought that spring is just around the corner…..they did say something about baseball spring training the other day….starting soon.  So everyone keep warm (unless you really are in Florida – then enjoy) and think of me!