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Buy 10 Read 2

I am drowning in books. I have always been an avid reader since my teens. It was my way of escaping from the world around me. Today it is no longer an escape but a ways to relax and enjoy some serenity in my hectic life. I suppose it is somewhat still an escape -to all the lovely places I keep reading about.

I belong to Goodreads.com where I log all my books and post a review. I also read reviews from others and have found that if the review is good then the book goes on my TBR (to be read) List. I have over a thousand books on that list. I doubt if I will ever catch up because the more reviews I read the more my list grows.

Better than that I also check Amazon and have a problem with clicking the “buy” button. So I already own books that I have to read. Is this an addiction? Of course I am blessed for the family that keeps giving me Amazon cards so I dont feel that guilty that I am spending too much money on my book buying….at least not my money – just gift money. And that’s what it is for, isn’t it?

So if you are a -read a review and buy a book – type of person, you can catch my reviews here…..at least put them on your TBR list.

Eight of Them

Since retiring I have realized that I have been so busy and have decided that the new year (2019) will push me to find more “me” time. That will include reading more – my passion. I love mysteries and thrillers, love to try to find out “whodunnit”. I even watch those Hallmark stories on TV that have mysteries as a theme.

And so I started putting aside my reading time, plus reading before bedtime which isnt so good because I can’t go to sleep without reading “just one more chapter”…especially if it’s so close to the end of the book.

Today of course is not a good reading day because I put off so many other things I need to do….like laundry, decluttering the house, making Avon deliveries, etc.

I looked back today to see how many books I have read in January and saw that I read 8 of them. They had to be good because each book took only 3 to 5 days to complete. I thank all my friends at Goodreads.com for all the great recommendations.

Do you love reading? Want an idea on some great books? Check out my Book Blog and follow for some great reads. Or become a member of Goodreads.com and friend me there.