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You either love them or hate them.  I wore them when I was young and loved them.  I had them in all colors and material.  I sometimes switched to “baby dolls” for those of you who remember that.  Like pajamas but the bottoms were shorter.

I did some googling for pajamas lately.  Even though children dont want them for Christmas, I still like giving them.  So practical (of course they come with a toy).  But I came across some very plain ones.  I love the different ones….super heroes, cartoons, etc.

Then I realized that Avon has pajamas, and they have them for everyone in the family.  Wouldn’t that make a beautiful holiday picture.  My favorite is the Penguin Set  I found for mama, papa and babies….

Are you a pajama person?

12 days of deals – #7

As you check out Avon you find lots of makeup and skin care.  Yes we are that.  But did you know that Avon also has other products?  We have beautiful clothes, slippers, jewelry, children’s items, vitamins, shoes and also candles.

So for this deal day Avon is giving away free candles with your order.  If you have ever bought a candle  before, you know that there are three wicks, they smell better than another name brand, they give 30 hours of burn time, and right now they have holiday scents such as Spice Wreath, Cinnamon Bourbon, Cranberry Cider among other scents.

So today you get one FREE…you are doing your holiday shopping anyway, why not get a little something for yourself?



You have been invited to a friend’s house for New Year’s Eve.  You get dressed up in your finest dress, put on your expensive jewelry and then you realize you need a hostess gift.  Of course your hostess tells you not to bring anything, just yourself.  But if you are like me, you will want to bring something….but what?

Others will probably bring booze or cake or candy……but you want something different.  Have you considered the Magical Collection?  It is a great gift, not expensive and surely will make your hostess happy that it isn’t a fruitcake.  And it only cost – $10.00

I have given it for so many occasions this season – whether it was a house party, a birthday or just a thank you.  And I have always seen the smile on my friend’s face ….  order today so you will have it on time for New Year’s Eve.



Not done shopping yet?

As it gets closer and closer to the holidays, there will always be last minute shopping.  How are you handling it?  I am in the middle of Hanukkah and we celebrated last night with food, family and fun.  But the shopping is really never done.  There are still a few gifts we all need – teacher gifts, remember the crossing guard, your nail salon lady etc.

As an Avon Lady I never forget my customers and try to give each one a gift from me.  I order extra hand creams, lip balms and pairs of gloves to give out to them, maybe a calendar or two…..it is always so nice to show your appreciation.  So if there is someone you have have forgotten please check out my store because we are having expedited shipping today – remember to use the code so you too can get two-day shipping and have those gifts in time for the holidays….


No More Makeup

As we get closer and closer to the holidays minds turn away from makeup and go on to other things…..said no one ever.  But today I will get away from makeup and beauty for this post.  Why? Because we are in the gift season and while Avon is great for their makeup, they are also great with Limited Edition gifts.

Avon (for a short time) is selling throws, and game sets….how about mugs and plate sets?  And the best part is they are in gift boxes so all you have to do is wrap them up …..need a gift for grandma?  Nothing better than a throw for those cold evenings in the living room (I know, I’m a grandma)  And I love to have a cup of tea – so why not that mug set?

This is only one page of Campaign 26 brochure……take a look at some more………HERE..


Put on Your Dancing Shoes

With the holidays around us, somewhere along the line we will be going to parties.  For those parties we will be dressing up….and off come the boots and on come the sling backs.  Oops, was that cracked heels I see?  This winter don’t forget how important your feet are.  We all lather up the creams for our bodies and hands mostly.  But often we forget to do our feet.  I know I dont realize how dry they are until I go for a pedicure.

So as a nightly routine I have started using Footworks to soothe those soles and flaunt my toes….rich moisturized toes.  And Footworks is the best out there.  And now you can try their moisturizing cream and their cracked heel cream and also get an Avon True Color Nail Enamel…..all 3 for only $12.99………order item #340190 at my e-store.


It’s beginning to look a lot like….

family time…..a time to reflect … a time to be thankful … and a time to SHOP!

I sometimes think it would be great to forego all the shopping and just have family dinner for all – oh, wait – that just passed….It was called Thanksgiving.  Presents were not necessary although some people brought dessert (homemade) and some brought fruit and wine.  It was a time for happy smiles and talking and eating…way too much eating.

My favorite holiday and this year it went great.  All the little ones running all over the place.  Upstairs, downstairs and outside.  A bit of football on the TV and in the street.  Almost as good as our annual block party.

This morning I woke to aches and pains (you get those when you get older) but it was well worth it.  Tomorrow I will clean because today was just a resting day – and some more eating.

I did go online to start my shopping (no standing in line) and ordered for the grandchildren first (easy buys – they want everything).  The best part of running my business is the fact that I too offer Black Friday specials....and until tomorrow here are the deals you can get and what the new brochure looks like.  Didnt make it to Black Friday at Avon?  Guess what!  Cyber Monday is coming – a new post for that one…meantime check out what Black Friday at Avon looks like – it expires tomorrow Nov. 25 at 11.59 pm….dont miss it….