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Comfort your Sole

Today is a rainy day here on the East Coast.

Woke up late, went out for brunch with daughter and then sit back and watch some football…listen to all that rain out there.

What better way to relax and keep those toesies warm, but to wear these slippers.  At only $12.99 each you have your choice of beautiful colors and designs (great for the holidays) . Available in small (5-6) medium (7-8) and large (9-10)

Limited Edition at www.youravon.com/ashapiro because we are more than makeup!


Overstock their Stockings

Everyone loves stocking stuffers.  But what to get is another story.  Well, Avon has it covered because their stocking stuffers are not only small enough to fit into any size stocking – but excellent choices for children as well as adults.

Everyone needs lip balm and hand cream.  And here is a wide variety of Vita Moist, Moisture Therapy and Silicone Glove.  Actually if you dont need stocking stuffers – these are great to throw into your purse…..also available is lip balm in delicious flavors such as Marshmallow Frosting, Buttercream, Sugar Cookie and Candy Cane.

Some come with a 12 month calendar…..and the best part is you get all 10 for only $14.00 (order item #819254)  I already bought mine….how about you?  Head on over to my e-store now….at www.youravon.com/ashapiro before this supply goes.


That’s what friends are for….

I am off this week so it has been very relaxing and since the weather in great here – it has also been a time for going out.  So when friends text they are meeting for breakfast or lunch I am happy to go out and have wonderful conversations with them.  Most of them I work with (my close friend has passed away so I no longer can meet up with her) and there are some who are retired.

This afternoon we all met for lunch with co-workers and a retired friend.  She amazes me because since she retired she hasnt been home much.  She is always out and in fact as I write this she is getting ready to leave again – she loves Florida and will probably move there one day.  Then she is off to London to see her grandchildren.  It made me think how wonderful it will be when I retire.  Of course, my family is here in NY so I wont be traveling to see them….but I have already started looking at cruises.  My Avon business is expanding and every penny I save will enable me to go this summer or fall….I have been on two cruises already – one to Bermuda and one to the Bahamas….where shall I go next?


I like the way my Avon business allows me these little pleasures in life.  When I retire I plan on selling full time and maybe make enough for two or three trips a year. The best part is I can take my business anywhere I go.  I was out to dinner with hubby yesterday and gave the receptionist a book – and I left with a $52 order.  My Avon goes everywhere I go —-if you are interested in joining my team contact me or go to www.startavon.com and use reference code – ashapiro

What’s on your EARS

Hats?  Muffs? No, its earrings – and Avon has so many bet you cant buy just one….of course not, because we have them at 2 for $15.00

Have a birthday coming up?  Someone else’s birthday?  Buy one for them and keep the other…. You cant go wrong for just $15.00…You have filigree earrings, you have twisted hoops….beautiful chandelier earring in topaz, aqua and amethyst colors…..My favorite is the beaded teardrop hoop earrings…..in silver, gold and black….with a variety like this why not head over to www.youravon.com/ashapiro


Cherished Memories

Now is the time to look forward to 2017 – and what better way to show love than to purchase a Love Necklace for someone’s upcoming birthday.  January starts the year off and you can begin a beautiful tradition with Avon’s Keepsake Charms and Jewelry.

Right now you can purchase the bracelets for only $6.99 and the necklaces for only $7.99 – prices are due to go up.  So stock up now for those birthdays coming up and make Cherished Memories – click on the Avon book or go directly to www.youravon.com/ashapiro 



Get Ready for It

It’s October, time for Fall, falling leaves,cooler weather, and then before you know it……holiday time. Every year I say I am going to start my holiday shopping early. Why not now?  Now is the time to make your list – I know I have – with 9 grandchildren it will be a long list.  And I have already started buying the gifts.  I ordered wrapping paper so that is off my list and when it comes to the adults – I have decided to make gift baskets.  Just what goes into a gift basket – the dollar store had beautiful baskets, some grass (all different colors) and then I place many Avon items as I can – because Avon is for both men and women.  And if you really look close there are always some items for children…..take a look and then head on over to order from Avon


My next post will contain even more holiday items …………

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