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Comfort your Sole

Today is a rainy day here on the East Coast.

Woke up late, went out for brunch with daughter and then sit back and watch some football…listen to all that rain out there.

What better way to relax and keep those toesies warm, but to wear these slippers.  At only $12.99 each you have your choice of beautiful colors and designs (great for the holidays) . Available in small (5-6) medium (7-8) and large (9-10)

Limited Edition at www.youravon.com/ashapiro because we are more than makeup!



What does your kitchen counter look like?

Delta recommends only 4 items on your counter


Coffee maker (of course, a day without coffee?)

Soap dispenser (can do, although I usually use the one in the powder room)

Stand Mixer (no way, baking days are over)

Fruit Bowl (fruit doesnt last long enough to be in a fruit bowl)

So that leaves me with only 2 items on my counter BUT where is the toaster oven, and the microwave?

Ok that makes 4 since I eliminated 2……BUT I also have my knives in a block, my container of tea, sugar bowl, coffee cup holder, and since my counter is small to begin with – no room..actually a little working area to make a sandwich or two.  I often clean off my counter of unnecessary items only to bring them out again because they are used…..every day…..so why go through the trouble of putting them in an out of the closet – which is jammed already.  I really need to rethink my kitchen counters…..but it is so much easier to leave the cookies out on the counter then to climb to get the out of the closet every time a grandchild asked for them!

What does your kitchen counter look like?

How did he beat me?

It happens every time he comes over.  And I can’t ignore him because he is just so adorable.  He comes over quite a lot and gets me all the time.  Is it his face?  So like his father’s.  It brings back memories long ago.  He has me wrapped around his little finger and every time I try to keep up – he beats me again.

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Life is full of crap

As I look back on my past, I am amazed at how far I have come without giving up on life.  I remember good times growing up, especially with gandma – who was wise and loving and never said a mean word to anyone.  She raised 8 children by herself and during this growing up period we all practically lived on the same block.  We also had our bad times, most families do.

But it is not whether you have good times or bad times – it is how you handle those times.  Does it get you down to the point of no return – do you feel you have nothing to live for?  We all have been there – face it Life is Full of Crap


But if you spend your days thinking of all the good times and how much life has to offer and how good it really is – even a rainy day can give you rainbows – then you can side step all the crap and enjoy life.  Remember –


What is she wearing?

I recently went to a show that my grandson was performing in.  It was amazing and he was great!  But this post is not about that.  Because of limited parking, hubby and I left early so we would be within walking distance of the front door.  Parking was not that bad (since we got there 45 minutes before doors open) and while we waited for the doors to open, we sat in the car.

I wonder if other do this – we people-watched.  It is amazing all the different people passing by – especially the school is near a park and there are many people who walk for exercise.  And then along came “miss beauty” – she was wearing leggings (which are now so popular) but not your usual black or gray leggings.  These were with crazy outrageous designs on them…..I am told that they are all the rage – I even have a friend on FB who sells them.

Here are the usual ones legs3

And then there are these (just wish I had the legs to go with them!)

Do you wear leggings?  Are you the zany leggings type or more reserved with solid colors?

Injection #2

Tonight I returned to the doctor to receive my second injection.  While the first one took a day or two to really sink in, I am hoping the same with this one. Last week the injection went into the left side of my knee.  This week it went into the right side.  The pain was worst than last week even with the Lidocaine to numb the area.  My hubby told me later that I did more “ow”ing than last time.  But it felt worse than last time and seemed to take longer for some reason.


The good news was we only had an hour wait as compared to last week with the three hour wait…This time we got a parking space right outside the doctors office too.  Last week we had a long walk to get to the car.  So I am home tonight resting the knee and hopefully tomorrow it will feel so much better.


I know mentally I will feel better as it was just announced that due to the impending snow storm…..school will be closed….so an extra day to rest up my knee and enjoy the free time..