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Studs that rock..

I was a little girl when grandma said she wanted to do it to me.

But my mother said NO…and that was that.

So when I turned 25 and went out on my own….I ran over and got them done.

Was easy and the first thing I had done is get me some studs.

And now today I still cant wait to get my hands on any kind of studs…..

Best part about these is they are only $9.99 each………check them out here………..



chalchihuitl…better known as –


Out of all the stones out there….and my birthstone which I love (amethyst) turquoise comes in as one of the top ones.  It goes with everything….diamonds do too, but who can afford them…so I tend to go with turquoise for wearing casual wear and dress up.

I love it with black and dark colors but in the picture below you can see it also goes well with white.  I love the necklace more than the bracelets or earrings because it is the first thing your eye will go to.  And it makes a statement…people will ask you where you got it!

The necklace and earrings come as a set for only $19.99 – available now at my online store www.youravon.com/ashapiro

Sante Fe

I am a lover of turquoise.  I give it as gifts also because I think it goes with everything, has a special list and is very eye catching.

So now that Avon has put together their Santa Fe Collection I really cant decide which ones I like more.

The necklace is definitely on my list especially since it has an extender and you get the earrings with the set for only $19.99

You can add a ring and bracelet to that set also….one is a stretch bracelet and the other is a cuff……they also have stud earrings and chandelier earrings…….something for everyone.

Check them out at my store online at



RSVP “yes”

To tassels that twinkle and sleeves that swing.

Tassels and pearls and bracelets and necklaces….oh my

Get your holiday accents on right now at Avon.

And then – for holiday dress up – get the Velvet Bell Sleeve Top – sizes small to 3X

Shop now – the  holidays are coming…………….www.youravon.com/ashapiro

On Shimmer, On Glitzen

The holidays are coming and are you ready?  Avon has your gift and what is better than shopping from the comfort of your home?

Festive charm bracelet and brooch for those ladies, young and old, in your life.  The Reindeer brooch is a collection item – engraved with “Avon 2017”

Or how about earrings?  A box of 3 pair for only $9.99 per set.

Get them while it last and cross those friends and family off your list – head on over to www.youravon.com/ashapiro and dont forget to use code WELCOME10 for a 10% discount!


Sparkle Like you Mean It

With the holidays right around the corner, who wouldn’t want one of these Best Wishes Necklaces? For only $9.99 you can wish your friend or family to Be Loved, Be Joyous, Be Bright, Be Blessed, Be Beautiful or Be Merry.  They are silvertone with rhinestones  16-1/2 inches with a 3-1/2 inch extender.

Get yours while they last – limited edition – at www.youravon.com/ashapiro


Never have enough jewelry

No matter how much you get you always want more.  Different outfits call for different types of jewelry.  And so Avon has a beautiful collection that – even if you dont need it – you will want it.  Or perhaps you are looking for that special gift for a special someone?

Because Avon is more than just makeup – we are fashion and with all fashion we have jewelry to go with it.

So check out their jewelry selection here at www.youravon.com/ashapiro and remember the holidays are around the corner.