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No time for…..

Reading?  As an avid reader I am always carrying my Kindle around with me.  That is one of the reasons I carry a tote bag….besides my Avon books and samples, I find my Kindle stuck in the corner of my bag because you never know…..you may be sitting somewhere waiting (arent we always waiting for something) and it becomes an opportunity to read.


We recently took in a Broadway show – drove all the way into the city in snail traffic but managed to arrive 1/2 hour before they opened the doors…..and waited – and read…..

I have been searching blogs that write about reading, not only their reviews but also what they think of reading – how they get reading done within their day.  And I started to think about how much people read.  One blog said she wanted to read 5 books for the month of  June and ended up reading 9.  It used to take me 2 weeks to read a book, therefore I could only claim about 2 books per month.

In addition to reading I am also posting reviews…..on Goodreads.com, this blog and my other blog…So please feel free to follow me and check out my reviews.

But now that I am retired, I find there is more reading time – or am I just making more time because I know I can do other things tomorrow….Ahh, that word “tomorrow”….while I have used it in regard to laundry, cleaning and cooking……I have never said I would read tomorrow…and on that note I will end and ——go back to reading!

That’s what friends are for….

I am off this week so it has been very relaxing and since the weather in great here – it has also been a time for going out.  So when friends text they are meeting for breakfast or lunch I am happy to go out and have wonderful conversations with them.  Most of them I work with (my close friend has passed away so I no longer can meet up with her) and there are some who are retired.

This afternoon we all met for lunch with co-workers and a retired friend.  She amazes me because since she retired she hasnt been home much.  She is always out and in fact as I write this she is getting ready to leave again – she loves Florida and will probably move there one day.  Then she is off to London to see her grandchildren.  It made me think how wonderful it will be when I retire.  Of course, my family is here in NY so I wont be traveling to see them….but I have already started looking at cruises.  My Avon business is expanding and every penny I save will enable me to go this summer or fall….I have been on two cruises already – one to Bermuda and one to the Bahamas….where shall I go next?


I like the way my Avon business allows me these little pleasures in life.  When I retire I plan on selling full time and maybe make enough for two or three trips a year. The best part is I can take my business anywhere I go.  I was out to dinner with hubby yesterday and gave the receptionist a book – and I left with a $52 order.  My Avon goes everywhere I go —-if you are interested in joining my team contact me or go to www.startavon.com and use reference code – ashapiro

Start Calling the Shots

Create a winning plan. Join a community of go-getters that make beauty their business and work on their own schedule. The best part is your time is your own. And in this day and age where we run back and forth all day to different activities – never having any time for ourselves – it is good to know that we can manage a business within our everyday activities.  Dont need another job?  Well the holidays are coming up fast and who couldnt use some extra money?

The best part of being an Avon Rep is the fact that you are boss. I am still working full time, babysit grandchildren and still manage to get orders in every campaign. How do I do this? Every person I meet is a potential customer. For instance, I recenavonlogo2tly went to dinner with hubby and the receptionist there is very friendly. After telling her


that I like the way she applies her makeup and what does she use – I tell her that I sell Avon and would she like a book…simple, just like that. — and I got an $84 order —

You can do it too and the best part is you will be on my team where you will have a contact to bring all your questions to. One of my team members ran out of books – of course she lives in my general area – so I drove over to her house one day and dropped off 25 books. I am here to help…..interested? sound like something you would like to do? Ask me how…..or order your kit today by going to www.startavon.comuse reference code ashapiro — or click the “This is boss life” button on my estore – at www.youravon.com/ashapiro  


Make $1000 in 90 days

Yes, you can do it with Avon.  I do it and love it – I meet interesting people and have come out of my shell to talk to them about my love of Avon.  For great prices you can buy almost anything – because Avon has become more than just makeup.  We have fragrances, moisturizers, concealers, foundations…..and then onto slippers, underwear, dresses, scarves, handbags, jewelry, deodorant, children items, holiday items, plates, cups, candles, pants, shoes, tops………..and so much more.

For a small investment of $25 you get a bundle to start off with of books, samples and products that you can keep or sell – and along with that there is 40% profit.  Check out the breakdown below…and then go to sign up here – www.startavon.com – reference code – ashapiro