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What do you do…..

….when the Kindle version of a book is more money than the paperback?

I always bought books…hardcovers and paperbacks. I had my own little library downstairs and loved it because there was also a small couch and my own space. Along came Storm Sandy and wiped out my book collection, I did save a few that were higher than the 4 feet of water that came in.

After that I decided I would just buy books for my Kindle which is always with me no matter where I go and can hold thousands of books. I am blessed as people tend to give me Amazon cards for my birthday, Mother’s Day etc. and I always use it for the many books I read. Have read 32 so far this year alone.

I also seek out free books and request books from NetGalley often so I do have those books. But recently I have come across some books I would like to read and when logging onto Amazon have seen that the Kindle edition is sometimes $3-$4 more than the paperback.

So my thought is…..do I still buy the Kindle version? or go for the paperback?