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Everything We Left Behind

This book is a series. So I suggest you read Everything We Keep first or you will be lost. I had to read the next book because once James disappeared the previous book leaves you with the feeling that Aimee is going to find him. But what we dont know now is that James has become Carlos and living in Mexico in a state of fugue. I didnt even know there was such a thing and looking is up made me better understand what James/Carlos was going through.

Again this book has some surprises, romance and a lot of anger – between family members….and lots of secrets. Keeps you turning the pages BUT the reason it didnt get 5 stars is that it keeps jumping back and forth in the story between Carlos in his present state and then when he realizes he is James and doesnt remember a Carlos (fugue state)….this is not a book to put down and pick up a day or two later. You need to continuously read this book so you dont lose track of what is going on….


Hiring Now

During the month of July I will be hiring Avon Reps for my Team. Dont live near me? No problem. With today’s technology you are only a text or phone call away. Or are you tech savvy?  All you have to do to join my team is go to my website 

When you get there click on This is Boss Life and sign up.  I will contact you and from there on you will be on my team.  My team members are important to me.  When I started I did it on my own with no team leader and found out things by myself.  Of course, I did find fellow reps on FB who did help me out with any questions, but having a Team Leader is easier.

If you live in my neighborhood or the surround neighborhoods, we can meet for lunch, I can share my knowledge and give you books to help you grow your business.  If you are out of state or far away, like some of my team, we keep in touch via email, text and a call or two.  I can mail you samples and help you with you business.

Still thinking about it?  Contact me for more information….I will certainly get back in touch with you.

We never got along

While the years flew by I tried so hard to make it work.  I tried being obedient and tried fighting back.  But there was no happy medium.  It was either your way or the highway.  So I took the highway.  Leaving was hard but for my own sanity I moved in with a friend until that arrangement didn’t work.

So I looked for my own place, found it and continued to have some peace of mind.  You once tried to patch it up but on your terms…which weren’t mine.  I tried to meet somewhere in the middle but you slammed the door…it didn’t work.


So I continued to stay away – you never got along with my husband either – that hurt the most…and you never really knew your grandchildren – 5 of them….we all missed out.  And now there are great-grandchildren – you would have had 9 of them.  You missed out on cuddling them and holding them – but then again I don’t believe you were capable of doing that – or at least it never happened with me.

And so now that you are physically gone, I have decided to look beyond the loss and feel blessed with what I accomplished – and love my children, their spouses and all my grandchildren….more hugs, kisses and “I love yous”  … because “we never got along”.

How did he beat me?

It happens every time he comes over.  And I can’t ignore him because he is just so adorable.  He comes over quite a lot and gets me all the time.  Is it his face?  So like his father’s.  It brings back memories long ago.  He has me wrapped around his little finger and every time I try to keep up – he beats me again.

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Life is full of crap

As I look back on my past, I am amazed at how far I have come without giving up on life.  I remember good times growing up, especially with gandma – who was wise and loving and never said a mean word to anyone.  She raised 8 children by herself and during this growing up period we all practically lived on the same block.  We also had our bad times, most families do.

But it is not whether you have good times or bad times – it is how you handle those times.  Does it get you down to the point of no return – do you feel you have nothing to live for?  We all have been there – face it Life is Full of Crap


But if you spend your days thinking of all the good times and how much life has to offer and how good it really is – even a rainy day can give you rainbows – then you can side step all the crap and enjoy life.  Remember –