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Best Campaign Ever

So here we are again with another campaign starting. It seems every two weeks just fly by and just when I get use to one campaign, the next one is here. But the beauty of it all is that every campaign is so different from the last one. New items, new sales and of course new surprises.

This campaign brings you another ABox….loving them and for only $10 with a $40 order, (plus you get free shipping) you can get one too. This ABox has my favorite Anew Ultimate Day Cream, Anew Ultimate Night Cream, Cherry Jubilee Lipstick, Blackest Black Glimmersticks Eyeliner and Anew Power Serum.

If you ever wanted to try an ABox, then this is the one – it’s a $48 value – for only $10…can’t beat that!

Get yours now at www.youravon.com/ashapiro


Beyond Color






Formulated with Retinol and Collagen

What’s in your Lipstick?  Lowest price this year – $5.99 each

I usually use lipstick in the winter to keep my lips from chapping.  But I have found out that in the summer it is needed more.  But is one color enough?  I use the light colors both summer and winter because I usually don’t look good in dark colors.  So my pinks and beiges are what I stick to.

I only use Avon because it works best with my lips and it is long lasting.  What colors do you use?  And how do you find out which brand is better than the other?  With the price of lipstick today it can become very expensive.  What’s in your lipstick?

What’s in your makeup bag?

I was never a makeup hound (is there such a thing?)  I was introduced to makeup when I was in my early 20s.  A friend of mine asked why I didnt wear any.  Maybe because of my background – strict mom and dad – afraid their baby girl would get in with the wrong crowd.  But of course, hitting 21 makes a difference.  Little mom and dad could do.  So when asked – became aware of makeup and with the help of this friend, out came the black eyeliner, foundation, blush, mascara and of course lipstick.

Back in those days it was the era of hair teasing and lots of hairspray.  I thought I looked cool – except all the makeup day in an day out started drying up my skin and you know, it was a pain taking it off every night, only to apply again in the morning.  And – it took a lot of time!

So eventually I started using less and less makeup (everyone said I had a beautiful face anyway) and I limited myself to how much I used.  The foundation was stopped all together and in its place I used creams and cleansing lotions to keep my face clear and moisturized.  And until this very day I use a bit of eyeliner on my lower lids, some mascara just to give a full look and maybe some blush depending on what I am doing that day.  Of course, if leaving the house there is always some lipstick and every two weeks I get my nails done…..so basically my makeup bag holds very little – because little is all I need.  In fact my makeup bag looks very much like the picture below….I can probably carry the A Box around with me to cover my makeup needs….maybe I will.


Do you ask for free samples?

I just read an interesting article entitled – The Art of Asking for Free Samples – which pushed me to write this blog.  I have never really come across people who do ask for samples.  Yes, they have asked me if they could return an item they purchased – which is always a yes with me – but never have they asked for samples.

The best part of Avon is they have loads of sample – from lipstick, to fragrances to creams – and they are all there for the asking.  Are people just shy or do they just dont know how to ask.  I am always carrying samples around with me – I sometimes leave them on tables and I always add them to any customer purchase.  I have had people call to ask for a product they received a sample for.

I am always thrilled when someone ask if I have a sample of a product they find online or through the books I give them.  It means they are interested in the product and I am more than happy to have them sample it!


Want an A Box?

Avon has an A Box

The Fall Beauty Trend: Divine Wine Collection

Only $10 with any $40 Brochure Purchase

5 full size beauty favorites:

TC Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Liner

TC Lipstick

Big & Daring Mascara

TC Eyeshadow Quad

TC Pro+ Nail Enamel

Are you interested?  Contact me now at www.youravon.com/ashapiro

Just for YOU

Every two weeks Avon puts out a new brochure.  And I just love browsing it to see what’s new, what my customers would like and what I can order as gifts.  I love to give Avon as gifts since people sometimes are reluctant to buy when they dont know anything about the product or are not sure it is for them.

So I sometimes add a gift to a loyal customer’s order or just gift it as a “thinking of you” gift.  This campaign #15 is filled with lots of good items, some of which are very new.  There is vinyl high-shine finish and velvet matte finish with a built in primer that guarantees a smooth, even application and keeps color on lockdown.  

And just look at these beautiful colors…..Get yours now while they last…or browse the new Avon Brochure……here