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What is the best mascara for you?

When I first started using mascara I didn’t have a clue how to start or which ones were the best. And the more I researched it, the more I found that there are millions of mascaras out there. Companies that are well-known and companies that I have never heard of. It seems everyone out there has a beauty product line and pushing their own brand.

Besides the different colors – yes, there is more than black…there is brown and brown-black and my recent favorite – eggplant. It gives the eyes such a beautiful glow. Then there is the brush itself…have you looked at a mascara brush lately? There are curved brushes with multilevel bristles; there are wire brush combs that lengthen and separate your lashes; and there is even one with zigzag brushes for volume to make them look thicker.

And that’s only four of the nine that I found. Do you want that wide-awake look that lasts all day? (My favorite) or maybe you want something that is waterproof? What about lengthening your lashes? Or would you like your mascara to contain argan oil, and vitamin E?

So why don’t you look into what the best mascara is for you!! Or do you have a favorite already?

12 days of deals #6 #free mascara

We all love mascara, in fact I dont leave the house without it.  So Avon thought it would be great to give out some free mascara with your order.  It is a good time to try out any one of the mascaras that Avon has. 

I personally love the LOVE mascara which is on a great sale right now also.  And so the deals keep coming.  Not into mascara?  No problem, we have more products coming up, so keep checking back here daily for free products like candles, hair treatments, fragrances, eye cream and free shipping 

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Best Sale Ever

Now is the time to get on the Sale Wagon.  Avon has the Best Sale Ever because where else can you get Flip Flops for only $7.99

Watches for only $6.99——-bracelets for $5.99———-earrings for $8——-hand creams for 99 cents ————and Easter items.

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Do you know your expiration date?

I recently went through all the makeup I have on hand to use and to sell.  I keep items like mascara and eyeliner on hand in case I get a frantic call from a customer who either lost theirs or ran out…When not selling them to customers I do put them out on the table for any vendor events I am involved in at the time.

Being worried about how long they are good for, I recently searched online for expiration dates for makeup and came upon an article written in Cosmopolitan in 2015 about expiration dates.  I am sure you dont realize that once you open a makeup product such as Mascara there is an expiration date of 4 to 6 months on it.  So it doesnt pay to try to get that last swipe of mascara out and run the risk of infection.  So now I will be tagging my mascara with expiration dates – although some of my makeup like moisturizers go faster than their expiration date of one year.

So next time you buy makeup make sure you know when they will expire because sometimes we will have several eyeliners of different colors, so it is not used on a daily basis…but six months later it might be part of that eye infection you just got!

Big & Daring

Or sometimes Big and Multiplied, – there are so many to choose from.  We have one for any type of lashes that need mascara.  I have tried them all but have finally settled on Wide Awake….the best one for me.  Dont know which one to choose?  For only $7 to $10 you can buy one and get the second one or half price….that’s anywhere from $3.50 to $5

Where else can you get two mascaras for only $10.50????

Check them out and see which you prefer…24 hour volume, waterproof, strengthening and lengthening, super extend….and many more.  Here at my Avon online store.


Mom said “No Makeup”

When I was young I wasn’t allowed to wear lipstick much less any other makeup.  I guess way back then you were considered a “loose” girl if you did.  So as a good daughter I listened and didn’t wear anything.  But alas I changed parochial school for a public one and yes, many girls wore makeup….but of course I couldn’t tell if they were loose or not.  So I stuck by what Mom said.  And then I graduated high school.

Those days (oops dating myself) college was not only not necessary but it was something girls just didnt attend.  So off to work it was.  A city job as a secretary – Civil Service Job I think they called it then.  I loved working and meeting new people….and then met a girl who said “Why don’t you wear makeup”?  And then it started.  She introduced me to foundation, mascaraeyeliner and my favorite, lipstick.  Don’t leave home without it.

Recently I have been trying out a Lipstick Crayon which I really love.

Comes in creams or shimmer and right now there is a great sale going on….buy one get one for half off..Check it out today at my e-store…there are 12 shades to pick from…

Deal of the Day #10

The best 12 days of deals has been going on now every day so you can get free products.

Personally I think this one is the best one ever.

This beauty set contains a makeup bag, along with eyeliner and mascara….when was the last time you can try an eyeliner and mascara free.  I know I keep changing my mascara and eyeliner because I like to try new ones to see which is the best for me.

But it does get expensive – and I also do it so I can personally tell my customers about the product.  But here is a set you try and it wont cost you anything for the makeup – and even if you dont want or like the makeup – you did not lose anything.  Dont use makeup?  Give it away and keep the makeup bag for yourself…or give that away also – nice stocking stuffer!

Try it today – there are only two more days of these deals….get in it before the holidays at www.youravon.com/ashapiro