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Where have all the meetings gone?

My business has been going well.  I love what I do and couldnt be happier with the people I meet and the job I have done.  Selling is getting easier for me because I am coming out of my shell and actually can start conversations with people.  I introduce myself, tell them what I sell and before I know they ask questions and if not selling items on the spot, I give them my calling card (the latest brochure), take their info down and they are happy to order online if not from me directly.

Part of my success is the help that I receive both online and from customer service.  We have a group on Facebook of other Reps who are constantly giving out great info.  I am a people person and I must admit I miss the monthly meetings we used to have years ago.  I suppose it is more cost productive to have web meetings….and it does the job…..but the interaction with fellow reps is sorely missed.

As I look around it seems more and more people are meeting online……and that is not only for a meeting…..want a date? go online.  Want food…order online.  Want clothes…..order online.  Even jobs are being done from home, online….when my children are home I usually ask what is the matter, only to find out they are working from home.

And so while online meetings are informative; meeting face to face with fellow reps would be more satisfying…..to me anyway.  If this is the future, what is next……??