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Hand Creams and Lip Balms

I sell a lot of hand creams and lip balms.  Even if it’s not winter, customers use it in the summer time so their lips and hands do not have that dry look…now is the time to stock up on lip balms and hand creams because you will not see this great deal any more…99 cents….the best sale ever!



Do you know your expiration date?

I recently went through all the makeup I have on hand to use and to sell.  I keep items like mascara and eyeliner on hand in case I get a frantic call from a customer who either lost theirs or ran out…When not selling them to customers I do put them out on the table for any vendor events I am involved in at the time.

Being worried about how long they are good for, I recently searched online for expiration dates for makeup and came upon an article written in Cosmopolitan in 2015 about expiration dates.  I am sure you dont realize that once you open a makeup product such as Mascara there is an expiration date of 4 to 6 months on it.  So it doesnt pay to try to get that last swipe of mascara out and run the risk of infection.  So now I will be tagging my mascara with expiration dates – although some of my makeup like moisturizers go faster than their expiration date of one year.

So next time you buy makeup make sure you know when they will expire because sometimes we will have several eyeliners of different colors, so it is not used on a daily basis…but six months later it might be part of that eye infection you just got!

Do you use it?

I used it every day and every night.  It seems I am always putting it on…especially after washing my hands.

I have a tube on the table where I do my business

I have a tube in the kitchen on the sink.

I have a tube in the bathroom (both of them)

I keep one on my nightstand.

And now they are 2 for $5,00

Think I will buy some more – especially since we just heard there is six more weeks of winter…..get yours here..



You have been invited to a friend’s house for New Year’s Eve.  You get dressed up in your finest dress, put on your expensive jewelry and then you realize you need a hostess gift.  Of course your hostess tells you not to bring anything, just yourself.  But if you are like me, you will want to bring something….but what?

Others will probably bring booze or cake or candy……but you want something different.  Have you considered the Magical Collection?  It is a great gift, not expensive and surely will make your hostess happy that it isn’t a fruitcake.  And it only cost – $10.00

I have given it for so many occasions this season – whether it was a house party, a birthday or just a thank you.  And I have always seen the smile on my friend’s face ….  order today so you will have it on time for New Year’s Eve.



Deal of the Day #9 – get moisturized…

Only a few more days are left for these deals….and they only last one day.  So if you havent tried one, this one should get you.  Now that winter is here and the snow is coming (today, in fact) you have to keep your hands and body moisturized.  I myself carry hand cream with me, have a bottle of lotion near my bed and one downstairs in the living room.  My skin is always dry and there is no better moisturizer than Moisture Therapy…


Deal of the Day #5

Have you ever wanted to try a skin care product but didn’t want to pay for the whole jar at that price because what if it didn’t work or you didn’t like it or worse, you had a reaction to it.

Well, today only you can obtain a Free Skin Care Travel Size Duo – it is a two week supply for you to use (a $24 value) at no cost to you.  If it works, it is a great way to find out and order that full size jar to use.  If it doesn’t work, then you have lost nothing….you may even want to try their other travel sized skin care products at a low price.

Nothing is worse than buying that big jar and it doesn’t work or you don’t care for it….So why not try the travel size (today only) and find out what works for you…..check it out at www.youravon.com/ashapiro   

It’s one of the 12 deals of Avon!