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The Eyes Have It

The skin around your eyes is thinner than the rest of your face, so it is prone to show signs of aging.  Do you want to make sure your eyes can keep your age a secret?  Here are 4 things you can do.

  1. Wear sunglasses
  2. Accent your eyes (with your favorite Avon mascara)
  3. Avoid squinting (it causes creases)
  4. Don’t rub your eyes ( you dont want to stretch out your skin; when you put on eye cream – pat, pat, pat)

Avon has the best eye cream ever…I myself use Anew Ultimate that diminishes the look of bags and instantly makes your eye area smoother and firmer.  When starting out I would use the Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System which is formulated with injectable-grade arginine….Well worth the $28 to see an improvement in 7 days.

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Pedicure Yourself

Once a month I treat myself to a pedicure.  I love the warm water, the massaging to my feet and legs, and of course all the scraping of that dead skin on my feet.  Nothing feels or looks better than that.  I used to hate people touching my feet – but one pedicure cured me instantly.

But in between pedicure, especially during the summer when sandals are worn, I always felt my feet drying up and getting scaly as soon as 24 hours after that pedicure.  And I hated it.

Well, now Avon has found the answer for you, AND IT WORKS.  I am an avid user of their Footworks collection and use it everyday.  Well, not everyday – but even if I skip a day or two – my feet are as silky as………silk!

Right now we have great collections – those that deodorize, exfoliate, heal, soothe.  And they are all on sale – any two for only $9.00.  Even if you don’t believe it – it is so worth spending this money to try them out.  I, myself, love the lavender.  I use the Intensive Callus Cream nightly to rid myself of this one callus that is annoying.

The Ginger & White Tea Collection which sells regularly for $7 each is also on sale for only $4.99

Check out the large selection on sale now (page 114 in the brochure) here at my store – http://www.youravon.com/ashapiro 

And when you decide to buy remember you can get free shipping on as little as a $25 purchase using the code RA2510 for this month.

Show Your Neckline

Avon Anew is the best cream there is…..special for each age…this one – Platinum – is for us older ladies.

When your neckline is not looking like it should…lather it in a Day Cream, use a Night Cream and dont forget those eyes and lips.

It visibly restores youthful-looking contours

And it cost only $21.99 – buy the day cream and night cream and get Free Shipping. (regularly $38.00)

Or resculpt the look of skin on your neck with the Firm and Sculpt Cream for Neck and Chest.

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Lavender and Feet

Indulge your feet in an ultrasoftening balm an oil infused with soothing lavender extract.

Get your perfect pedicure kit, your lavender softening balm and pampering oil today

All three (item #926212) for only $12.99

This is an $18.00 value…..but if bought together you only pay $12.99

(Or order separately using item #121029 for the pedicure kit; item #313422 for the pampering oil and item #312560 for the softening balm – for $6.00 each)



Boot season is almost here.  And with it brings extra dryness, and even cracked heels and roughened calluses.  Avon took care of your feet all summer.  And Avon will take care of them through the fall.  Start by giving the a spa treatment in your home.

Know how your feet feel after having a pedicure….that smooth feeling – energized feeling – soft feeling

Now transform your feet from dry to supersoft and smooth by using Footworks Ginger and White Tea Collection

Exfoliate – leaves feet feeling energized Item #267450

Soften – leaves feet feeling soft Item #267890

Moisturize – transforms feet from dry to supersoft Item #267847

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Keep them protected

I know the cold weather isn’t here yet and some people dont need it – but you can always stock up now because Avon

has the lowest price yet on their hand creams.  Full size they are only $2.49 each – from Moisture Therapy to Silicone Glove to Skin so Soft…you can’t go wrong with buying them now because the cold weather is just around the corner….and we all need hand cream.

So before those sweater go on – get your supply now because they will go back to their regular price of $5.00 soon.

Get yours today using the following item numbers:

Moisture Therapy – Calming Relief #785349…Daily Skin Defense #786224…Intensive Healing & Repair #786296

Silicone Glove – item #048660

Skin So Soft – Original #941268…Soft & Sensual #867315…Radiant Moisture #941272

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Lift your Eyes

Do you want your eyes to see a dramatic lift in only 7 days?

One of my features that I think I need to improve are my eyes.  First of course they are small – very small and deep set into my face.  I am not one for plastic surgery so I am forever looking for ways to enhance my eyes.

Even if I am hanging around in the house that day I will still make up my eyes – a little eyeliner and mascara does wonders for my eyes and how I feel I look.  Of course, age has a lot to do with them.  Therefore, I also look for a beauty product that will help lift my eyes.

And that is why I am an avid user of Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye Serum.

Formualated with injectable-grade arginine.  Part gel for the upper eye and part cream for the under eye.  Your eyes will never look so good…try it and after 7 days if you dont see an improvement…..you can always return it.  Avon’s return policy is the best.  But I am more than sure you will love it…..like I do.

Avon is selling this eye system at it’s lowest price this year – for only $19.99 – item #327391