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Before and After

I love before and after pictures,  Dont they say a picture is worth a thousand words!

Well take a look at these photos…..Derma does it all – do you have eczema?  It has been tried and passed the test.  My husband also uses it – not only as a lotion but Avon has a body wash also.  So what are you waiting for?  Not hard to see what these pictures are showing.

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No more Dry Skin

Certain medical conditions can give you dry skin.  I recently found out that if you have a thyroid problem you are prone to dry skin.  I never had that problem because I am a big user of skin creams.  Hand cream is always in my bag and I use it constantly.  Bed time routine finds me lathering on my hands and arms and then I use a foot cream (Foot Works is amazing) for my feet.  Feels like I have silk on them in the morning.

But lately I have been a bit lazy and have now found my legs are getting scaly….so now I have started a routine of adding creams to my legs.  After two weeks they are soft and non-scaly – and I owe it all to Moisture Therapy….I keep this big bottle on my nightstand so I do not forget my beauty treatment at night…..How is your skin?


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How to get rid of that ring…..

I didnt want it anymore.

I was tired of seeing it day in and day out.

Nothing helped


I used Skin So Soft Bath Oil

One cap full in the tank – once a month – keeps the ring away!

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What do you have to lose?  You can always use the bath oil on yourself.  It’s America’s favorite bath oil, and sure to be yours, too! Pamper yourself with Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil. This jojoba infused luxury bath oil helps your skin and mind with its uplifting botanical and herbal scent. Stay radiant by using our moisturizing bath oil during your bath and shower. Take your skin from dry to soft, smooth, and touchable with Skin So Soft moisture locking formula. Keep your skin hydrated longer with the larger 25 fl. oz. bottle! 

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Still time to get your MT

They are going fast…..and now is the time to get them.  Avon has a product called Moisture Therapy and if you want your skin to feel like silk that you need this.  Is the sun making your skin extra dry?  Come home from the beach, take your shower and then try MT Intensive Healing and Repair….I use it every night before bed……now on special – all 4 for only $13.99


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Summer Bod Squad



Get Intensive Healing and Repair with Hydraboost technology….it quenches your skin’s thirst by helping it retain moisture.

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You get body lotion, body wash, extra strength cream and moisturizing lip treatment balm.  All you need for this summer to keep your body moist….Moisture Therapy – order item #687184 on my website at www.youravon.com/ashapiro

SSS uses………

I am always astonished at the uses for this bath oil..and everyday things are added….a friend recently said she is getting a lot of ants in her house (probably because of the rain we are having) and I remembered one way to get rid of them is to use Skin So Soft Bath Oil……

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Our First Ever

And Avon is calling it Skin so Soft Shave Oil

It leaves legs feeling soft and smooth.  Cherry blossom scent

It moisturizes while you shave.  With shea butter extract, vitamins A and E for the closest most comfortable shave

So you can show off your smooth legs all summer

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