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SSS uses………

I am always astonished at the uses for this bath oil..and everyday things are added….a friend recently said she is getting a lot of ants in her house (probably because of the rain we are having) and I remembered one way to get rid of them is to use Skin So Soft Bath Oil……

Skin So Soft Bath Oil now available 2 for $32 (normally $27 each) item #941253

use code WELCOME10 for a 10% discount……

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Our First Ever

And Avon is calling it Skin so Soft Shave Oil

It leaves legs feeling soft and smooth.  Cherry blossom scent

It moisturizes while you shave.  With shea butter extract, vitamins A and E for the closest most comfortable shave

So you can show off your smooth legs all summer

Available here on sale now for only $6.99  Item #272474 – get it before it goes up to $10.00

First time customers get a 10% discount by using code WELCOME10



Now Hiring

I am taking the next week to start to hire more people for my Team.  I not only love selling Avon but am also interested in getting people started on the road to being #Boss.  I have never had so much fun working.  Because I dont consider selling Avon a job – it is a way to meet new people and exchange ideas.  I help them be beautiful whether it is with makeup, skin care or fashion.  Avon has it all.  I am always amazed at the people who tell me they dont wear makeup….and that is fine, not everyone does….but everyone should take care of their skin.  And that is where  I try to excel.  You see Avon has a University where you learn the things you need to be knowledgeable so you can help your customers.  And its all done online at your own pace.  At the end of the program they award you with a beautiful skin specialist pin.

I recently introduced Nutraeffects to a friend who is 77 years old.  She used it for 3 weeks and her skin is glowing.  This is someone who has never used a skin care product other than cleansers.  So this is the satisfaction I get from selling.  And you will too.  Contact me for more information.  You dont have to live in NY to be on my team.  I have team members in Illinois, Texas and California.  I keep up with my team via phone, texting, emails and even on FB.

If you would like to know more, just fill out the contact form below or go to my site now at http://www.youravon.com/ashapiro and click on the “Boss Life” picture.  Welcome aboard!


Got hands?

So you survived the winter.  The snow, the rain, the cold, the ice and all doing havoc to your hands.  But somehow we made it and spring has just begun to spring.  It is getting a little warmer here in NY – 70s and just the other day it crept up to the 80s.  But alas it will be dropping back down to the 50s this coming week.

So if the cold weather is gone and the warm weather is close by – how are your hands doing?  If you are like me – not too good.  Whether its hot or cold – my hands take the brunt of dryness.  Not only the weather but also the fact that I am constantly washing them.  So to combat the dryness I love using Skin So Soft – it is like putting on silk gloves.  And this campaign we have a great deal.  When was the last time you paid only #1.99 for full-size hand cream?

We have my favorite – Skin So Soft – in 3 kinds – original #941268 – soft and sensual #867315 or radiant moisture #941272

Or try something different – Moisture Therapy in Intensive Healing and Repair #786296

Daily Skin Defense #786224 or Calming Relief #786349

And last but not least – Silicone Glove (a big seller for me) #048660

For $1.99 each you can afford to buy all of them – or try a new one while sticking to an old one….keep one in your purse, one at home and give one to a friend.

Pineapple Chill

Refresh your feet with a cooling pineapple treat – and a twist of lime.  This year Avon has the best in pampering your feet.  Try their exfoliating scrub for that rough skin; their cooling lotion for moisturizing after that scrub and their cooling spray that not only refreshes but also deodorizes…..make you bare feet ready for summer and you get all 4 for only $9.99 – use item #548475.



 or buy each one separately – now available at www.youravon.com/ashapiro

All three for only $5

Do you ever think of staples?  Not the kind you put in a stapler – but the items you basically need in your makeup collection.  I always think I can get along without everything except my eyeliner….as long as my eyes stand out – I feel I will look fine.  So in this campaign I think Avon has put together a basic package and it is only $5.00


For a limited time you can get these three main staples – Wide Awake Mascara, SuperExtend Precise Liquid Pen and Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Lotion (a $22 value) for only $5 with a $40 purchase online at www.youravon.com/ashapiro  use item #510669

Soften your Skin

The older I get the more my skin dries up.  My legs are scaly, my hands are dry and my arms – well, I hate the feeling.  So while I moisturize my face every night and morning, I seem to forget the rest of my limbs.  And then along comes Skin so Soft – I use the hand cream everyday but have never thought of using the bath oil on my legs and arms.  It locks in moisture during a bath or shower and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

And during this spring special you can get a 25 oz bottle for only $15.99 – this bonus size with keep you soft and smooth for a long time.

Order it here using item #145550 and get ready for a beautiful you this coming spring!