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Skin Tightening

There is no single cause of sagging skin. Age, genetics, rapid weight loss, sun exposure and even lifestyle are all culprits. The good news? If you find your skin looser than you would like, there are ways to regain a more youthful appearance.

I have always gone with the Ultimate Skincare products. I start off by using their cleanser, and then the night cream (or day cream when getting up). I have often bought the whole regimen covering even my eyes. I also buy the travel size so I always have my skin care with me no matter where I travel.

Now that I am losing weight I find my skin is sagging a bit more than usual so I have included in my skin care regimen some Nakedproof on my arms and legs, and neck.

My stretch marks have stretch marks

What did I expect? After having five children (within seven years in fact) I have stretch marks. But it is what it is and while it was more important for me to have those babies, I kind of hid behind pants to hide those marks.

Alas, all the babies are grown and having babies themselves….and I still have stretch marks. While I am not one of those women who must have a perfect body….forget it, I never even started with the perfect body. Yes, I was one of those chubby kids and never stopped getting chubbier. I am one of those people who eat their problems away. Stress triggers my need for comfort food.

But back to stretch marks. I was too busy to worry about them but lately, since I have been retired I am looking into getting healthy (lost 40 lbs) and walking more (got a Fitbit tracker) and tending to my body. So of course I moisturize (face, hands, arms, legs – I always carry a small hand cream with me, these winters are brutal.)

But recently I noticed my stretch marks and decided to do something about them. Found a great cream that diffuses the look of stretch marks and is putting some elasticity and suppleness back into my stomach. I wish I paid more attention to this when I was pregnant but since I don’t plan to wear a bikini any time soon (maybe after losing a few more pounds) I will continue to work on this. At least so far it is the only cream that has worked for me.