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Henrietta came up with a prompt that I thought I would try as a change from my usual posts.

The older I get the more I seem to remember the “good old days”  But I find I can’t get stuck in those days because then I am not really living for today.  We don’t get many days or at least I don’t know how many of them I have left.  OK, enough maudlin….I am just trying to bring out a fact that we should enjoy our present.

But somehow every once in a while, I remember years ago.  When my children were young and we stayed home on rainy days and had picnics on the living room floor.  You see there were five, including a dog that was always underfoot.

old times

Remembering the past is good and we must all come to terms that nothing stays the same.  We are forever changing and along with that we must adjust.  There will always be nostalgia and it’s good to remember – the hugs and kisses of a two year old, the smell of a newborn. Feeding time when oatmeal somehow was all over the place; even the potty training makes me yearn for those days!

The best thing about nostalgia is the good old days we remember are always the good times.  We seem to forget the hard times, the bad times…..so here’s to the good old times and may we continue to make them every day.