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Didn’t ask for your opinion

This morning started off great. After a good night’s sleep I got up early to get ready for my Weight Watcher’s meeting. Having taken care of hubby before leaving I was on my way.

Before getting weighed in I stopped at Dunkin Donuts (for coffee and an egg wrap only, although those donuts were calling me) and made way to the WW meeting. I gladly got on the scale and knowing I was good all week I wasn’t surprised at the one pound loss I had. Feeling so good I went on to stay for the meeting and enjoyed talking and sharing with the other members.

After the meeting I rose to put on my jacket and in doing so another member saw my Avon hoodie and asked if I sold it. Thinking she would be a potential customer I answered, “Yes, can I offer you the latest book?”

It was then she turned around and said NO, I sold it. So I promptly said OK, that’s good and then she went into a rant on how Avon was terrible, she no longer sells it along with her friends who will not buy it. Thought I would ask why and she continued to complain about all the changes in the company.

I was about to explain that change is good and we should embrace it and work with the changes; but she wasnt hearing any of it…and just kept bashing Avon. Instead of arguing with her (I knew I could not change her mind) I told her that my meter ran out and I need to get to my car — but, have a good day! (I didnt want to hear any more of her opinion.)

On my way back to my car I passed that Dunkin Donuts store again but was proud of myself that I didn’t go in for that donut despite the stress I encountered with that lady. I will continue to do what I love and sell the best products there is…..I didn’t ask for her opinion anyway!!!