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Let’s go to the movies

When was the last time you went to the movies? With technology today there is always something to watch on TV or your tablet or even your phone. But if you want to see the latest movies you must venture out. It might be my age but I rarely go to the movies and if I do it must be a great movie I am dying to see.

Yes, I know everyone is out this weekend for …..Endgame….didnt see it so no spoilers and don’t plan to see it. Not my cup of tea, although several of my grandkids are going to see it.

I am more the comedy/drama type of person. Love a good thriller or mystery (that’s why I read books these days). But at my age I find several reasons for NOT going to the movies.

  1. Hubby usually falls asleep at them.
  2. It is always too cold.
  3. It is always too loud.
  4. The screen is so large I feel like I am sitting on top of it (even if I am in the back row.)
  5. People do not shut off their cell phones. (so annoying)
  6. It is soooo expensive. (even with senior discount)
  7. Eating is not an option (for me anyway)- other than a bottle of expensive water. Can’t do popcorn, franks etc.
  8. And eventually it will be shown on Netflix where I can sit in the comfort of my home.

So instead of going to the movies, maybe a day walking in the park and then going to lunch or dinner is more my style – and leave the movies for the kids and young people dates.

How about you? Are you a movie-goer?