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Book Clubs

I love to read, as you will note by my reviews on my other blog.  But I have never belonged to a book club.  I have gone to book readings and author readings and have enjoyed hearing the author speak about their book – and then I buy it.  But I have never sat down with a group to discuss a book that we were all reading.

Well, in my retired state I have been trying new and different things and have joined a book club on FB – and to start it off we are going to read Year One by Nora Roberts.  I am excited to start reading this and should have started two days ago.  But I did have to finish the book I was currently reading – Look for Me by Lisa Gardner – So today I started the book club book and my Kindle battery died, so I am awaiting the charge.

Meantime, I have tried to think about this book club.  What will I say and how to fit into the discussion without spoilers because we are all not on the same page.  It should be interesting…plus I need to remember – and so I got myself a small book to take notes.  Anyone else belong to a book club and how do you manage the meetings?

What are you reading these days?


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Why am I getting Job Offers?

So this year I retired.  Never thought I would but it finally came about and you know what — love it.  Went downtown for my consult and before I even put my papers in – was approached by a friend who works there and asked if I wanted a part time job.  Nice to be asked.  As a school secretary I could also work as a substitute.  Told him I would think about it.  Working as a sub – is it really being retired?

As I settled into my routine of sleeping later (no more 5:30 wake ups) – eating breakfast, reading my book and having that second cup of coffee….I decided I could get use to this.  Around 10:00 am my day starts.  Clean a little, maybe some laundry and then get out my planner to see what is on the agenda for my current home business of selling Avon…

It’s a job I love so my day is spent talking to customers, posting online and delivering orders.  Last week I got a call from my son asking if I could pick up my grandson from school – he was sick…..so I ran over to the school, signed him out and talked to some of the secretaries working there.  As we were into a conversation, I was asked if I wanted to work there – as a sub…….do I?  Funny how when we are looking for jobs they are hard to get.  Here I retired, with no expectations of ever working again – except for my Avon business – and then I get offered two jobs.  Oh wait, make that three – one of my other sons work in a school and also asked if I would like to fill in for a secretary out on maternity leave…..

But alas I find I love my new life.  No stress, work at my own pace.  Meet interesting people through my Avon business….and just chill.  Like sitting on the patio in this beautiful weather with a glass of wine and my book…..



Tomorrow is the day

Yesterday I spent two hours going over papers.  Reading, signing and having them notarized.  Picking options, making copies … Today I sorted through them re-checking everything to make sure I had all the forms properly filled out.

Tomorrow I will take all these papers and go directly to the office where I will put in my Retirement papers to make it official.  How do I feel you ask me (or maybe you dont) but I really cant explain it.  Happy, Sad, Afraid, Sorry, Excited…

All of the above.  I want to because it is time.  I look forward to doing whatever I want, waking when I want – even if it is early in the morning.  Shopping in stores that are not crowded – doing errands during the week instead of everything on Saturday or even better, on my way home from work.

Yes, I am looking forward to it…..will let you know how it went – they say it will take about two hours….well, once it is done all I have to do is finish out the rest of the school year (12 days but who’s counting)  and – that’s it!

Standing still

I sit here at my computer, after watching a show; then reading a few chapters of an amazing book and watching hubby sleep.  It is two o’clock in the afternoon when I write this and while the weather outside is not delightful – I find I cannot move.  There is laundry to be done, housecleaning to be done but instead I sit here at my computer.

I am not playing games – I am not on FB – I am thinking.  The stillness and quiet is deafening.  While I do hear kids out front playing basketball – yes, my neighbor decided to put a basketball hoop in front of his house – and while he and his family are not around this weekend – I have the neighborhood children in front of my house.  But that noise does not stop the thoughts in my head.


Hubby sleeps way too much.  He says it is the medications he is on – way too many – but then he cannot sleep at night.  I am afraid that my life will change soon – you see, I plan to retire in 41 days….and I dont want to end up on the couch with hubby.

So I must make a plan to start moving…..I know what I would like to do, what I must do – get up every morning even though I have no where to go – and get out of the house.  I love being home, plan to read (my passion) plan to crochet (another passion) and of course having 9 grandkids will keep me busy too.  But the time they are in school there is still an expanse of time to do what?  I will have to convince hubby to do things with me because I will not stay home everyday…..

Doing What I Want, When I Want

There is a countdown on my phone and yesterday I finally got a look at it…..and it told me that I have 92 days, 6 hours, 31 minutes, 24 seconds left to go until……… I retire.

When I started the countdown I remember it said something like 136 days, etc. and I said well, that’s a long way off.  But now there is only about 3 months left.  I have been reading blogs on retirement and trying to find out how other feel because I am not sure how I feel.  Oh, I do know I want to retire but then what.

How will it feel not getting up at 5:15 am (hitting the snooze button for 1/2 hour) – getting dressed, have a cup of coffee and out the door.  My schedule involves picking up 2 grandkids along the way and stopping at Dunkin Donuts.  After I drop them off at school – I finally arrive at work (also a school) and the day begins.

How am I not going to do that?  First thing of course will be shutting off that dam alarm, so I guess it will be easier not getting up that early.  Then  I will leisurely get dressed and go downstairs for my first cup of coffee.  I might even have it out on the patio if the weather permits.  Of course I will have my Kindle with me as I can now read during the day – instead of squeezing it in at night before bed.

I will go shopping at 9 am when the stores are not crowded.  I will have lunch with friends who are retired already.  Of course, I still have my Avon business so I will expand that – but because I want to do it, not that I have to.  I might take a class or two at the local community college.  Then there is joining the community center – I am lucky to have one in my neighborhood and one in the next neighborhood only 10 minutes away.

I can pick up and go anywhere – living near Atlantic City I can take the two hour drive and sit on the beach or gamble the day away.  And if I dont want to return home – I can stay there overnight – or for as long as I want.

As a lover of reading books I have always wanted to go to a book signing – but they are always at noon or 1 pm on a week day – yay, I can finally go to them.  I guess what I am saying is I CAN DO WHATEVER I PLEASE!!!!!

The time is coming…

One of the best things about working in a school is all the time we get off. All the holidays, one week in Dec, Jan and April – and of course, all summer.  My husband calls it a part time job (and the money matches that phrase – I could be making so much more in the private field – but this is my choice)  I love the kids and happen to be lucky to work in a great school.

But alas the time has come (or will in 4 months) to hang up my hat and retire.  According to my Countdown Timer on my phone (havent found one for my blog yet) I have 133 days of work left.  Doesnt that sound great.  I never thought I would retire or even want to….but everyone says you will know when it is time.

IT’S TIME…..I have started making a list of what I want to do when I retire…..you can check out my Retirement Doings here…… but I also realized that at any given moment I (and hubby) can pick up and GO!  We answer to no one, and if one morning we would like to go to the casinos in Atlantic City and walk the beach – hey, we can do it!

I think I like this idea – called Retired………..ret

Retirement Doings

As I sit here getting closer and closer to retirement I feel my heart beating so fast at the  thought – What am I doing?  I worked 12 years BTK (before the kids) then stayed home to take care of the kids – and when they were all teenagers – I returned to work.  Here it is 26 years later….and where did that time go.  In between I became a mother-in-law 4 times and a grandma 9 times.

But alas, we will not look in the past but with retirement around the corner – to the future. But to date I have not thought of what will happen when this time comes. But I do have 16 more weeks to think about it.


I did come up with a list of thoughts on what I would like to do:

Wake up late

Sit and Read while drinking my coffee

Shop early in the morning when there is no crowd

Go to the movies in the middle of the day

Work my Avon during the day (my time is limited now so then I will work it full time – or whenever I want)

Garden – love flowers and now I can really get into it – plus going to grow tomatoes again.

Stay home when there is bad weather – no more trudging to work in the snow!

I’m sure there is more – save that for the next blog!