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Eight of Them

Since retiring I have realized that I have been so busy and have decided that the new year (2019) will push me to find more “me” time. That will include reading more – my passion. I love mysteries and thrillers, love to try to find out “whodunnit”. I even watch those Hallmark stories on TV that have mysteries as a theme.

And so I started putting aside my reading time, plus reading before bedtime which isnt so good because I can’t go to sleep without reading “just one more chapter”…especially if it’s so close to the end of the book.

Today of course is not a good reading day because I put off so many other things I need to do….like laundry, decluttering the house, making Avon deliveries, etc.

I looked back today to see how many books I have read in January and saw that I read 8 of them. They had to be good because each book took only 3 to 5 days to complete. I thank all my friends at Goodreads.com for all the great recommendations.

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