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Love waking up to sales

My business is online and I love it. I also do customer sales. But the best part of my business is waking up to sales. This morning my phone beeped when I turned it on telling me I had an online sale.

So while I was sleeping there was someone who was shopping. It was a $100 sales (of which I get 50%) and I loved the fact that I did not have to deliver the goods and collect payment. My customer bought online, paid via credit card and the items will be delivered straight to her home.

It’s way I do shopping these days. I am not one to stand on a line or even roam the stores looking for clothes etc. Although I still do my food shopping and pharmacy shopping in a store, those are the only two places I go. Otherwise, I am always online (especially Amazon with their two day delivery).

I wonder if Amazon gets as excited as I do when there is an online order?

Black Friday Anyone?

I know the day is almost over and you are probably tired from all that shopping.  But today I sat home, out of the cold and crowds and ordered online all day – well in between the grandkids.  Three of them slept over and we dug into the leftovers, watched movies, and played cards.

But I did manage to go online for a period and start ordering holiday gifts.  You see, Chanukkah starts next week and with 9 grandkids I do have a lot of ordering.  I was out for a while but returned when the traffic was bumper to bumper and I couldnt even get across the main road.  Seems everyone was out shopping today.

I am also running a Black Friday sale and people are really ordering like crazy – have you seen it?  Great gift ideas for the whole family because Avon is not just makeup.  Look at these deals and hop on over to my store tonight…there is still time to order…