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Throw out those boots

Is it too early to say that? Rain, snow and freezing weather has passed and we are now getting 57 degree weather! Too early? It is still February and I am waiting for the other shoe (or snow) to fall. Although I did get a bit of spring fever today and the groundhog said an early spring…one can only hope.

Meanwhile, I am looking at spring clothes and shoes to buy. Too early? I don’t care because when the time comes these items might not be there or not in my size. And the price is right! I have always had problems with shoes but have finally found that Cushion Walk not only fits my feet good but also are so comfortable its like not wearing any shoes….now to decide what color to buy. I usually go with black but these spring colors look so….well, springy.

What do you think?

Weekend Wear

What to wear this weekend?

Take a break from your work wardrobe and spend your days off in cool, comfy pieces.

This Knit Jacquard Bomber Jacket has rib binding at leaves, neckline and hips.  Full length zipper and front pockets.  Machine wash and dry.    Now for only $39.99

You can also purchase the Ginkgo-Print Gym Bag in navy and cream with bottom functional zipper which reveals a compartment for shoes.  Now only $24.99

Last, but not least, your Memory Foam Sam Double-Strap Sneaker in white with two hook-and-loop straps.  Now only $29.99

Only at Avon in my store online at www.youravon.com/ashapiro

Got shoes?

Spring is coming – yes I promise it is coming…even though it is almost April and here in NY we are still wearing our winter coats.  I am still putting the heater on in the car.   BUT before you know it – we will be in our spring coats and loafers.  Dont have any loafers?  Well they are here and ready for you to buy them….best part, they are only $29.99 a pair.  They come in red – great color – or white – a color for any outfit.

Sizes run from 6M to 11M..get them today, before the warm weather so that you are ready!!  Cushion Walk, wave-molded footbed.

Order by clicking on this sentence.

Maiylen and Felicity

They go together…why? because you cant have shoes without buying the bag – it is natural that a good collection comes that way.  Avon has made it so affordable to look chic…and what better way to savor the Fall than to wear a Signature Collection like the one below

A beautiful dome bag with a deep center compartment and two spacious zip compartments on either side.  Only $39.99 for item #562-607; along with it is a key fob #527-000 for $9.99 and matching wallet #526-626 for $14.99

To complete the set is our Cushion Walk Flats  For only $24.99 – the following numbers for each size – 6M=525801; 7M=525835; 8M=525854; 9M=526019; 10M=526023 AND 11M=526592  Order yours now at www.youravon.com/ashapiro