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We went there

It was the hottest day so far in July – 95 degrees….and we went into the city to see a Broadway show.  We heard raves on A Bronx Tale and just had to see it.  We dont do it often but while we managed to get to the theater via car and also found a parking lot right across the street from the theater…..it was a good day.  Being too hot to wait on line outside, my hubby ventured in and spoke to one of the men there who so kindly got us chairs and allowed us to wait in the lobby until the opening of the doors in a half hour.

The seats were good (small theaters are the best) and the show was fabulous.  It was more for us baby boomers who remembered how things were back in the day when we sat on stoops (those are the stairs outside of your building) and hung out with friends, some singing and some getting into trouble.  Nowadays everyone is hooked up to a tech device….where are the good old day?

If you get a chance to see this show, or have seen it already let me know.  It’s a tale of a boy who witnesses a killing and then is torn between his his two mentors —- his father….and a mobster.  Read what the NY Times has said about it here ……when it first came out.