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I know I haven’t been here in about five days but this snow has gotten me down. I realize that I shouldn’t complain because there are states that haven gotten a whole lot more than we did (especially since our snow was all gone by the next day) but it is something I cannot deal with.

I am afraid of falling so when the snow comes I stay inside my house. I am not bad when it comes to driving in it but I do have to get to the car before driving. A load of steps and a walkway, then clean off the car and then watch out for all the other crazy drivers. But I usually end up staying in and waiting it out. I have loads to do in the house and I also love to read (would rather be reading on the patio in 80 degree weather) and so I can’t complain….but I will.

You see, staying in the house more than 48 hours gives me claustrophobia. I find myself eating more, watching too much tv and roaming around the house. I am used to putting steps on my Fitbit and when the steps add up to under 1000 I get itchy to go walking.

But Spring is around the corner…which to me means walking, planting outside, going to the park and in general just bonding with nature. Sorry, I am not a snow person (or have any love for cold weather, but will tolerate the cold) Looking forward to the crocuses and tulips to bloom, summer rain, long days, more sunlight and NO SNOW. How about you?

A little bit snowed

I am finally done with the birthday celebrations, that’s what happens when you have a big family…but loved the multi-celebrations all week. That’s why I haven’t been here for a while.

Now that it is March (one of the perks of having a February birthday is looking forward to spring) and expecting those crocuses to start popping up, I looked out the window this morning and saw….snow.

Must admit there hasn’t been much snow here and what did fall disappeared the next day because Mother Nature has been bipolar. You know – 20’s today; 40’s tomorrow. But its the kind of snow I like especially since walking in it isn’t my thing. I guess all the snow went out West since there have been some big ones in Oregon and even odd places like Hawaii and Las Vegas.

But it is March and it will get better. Can’t wait to start planting my flowers and sitting out on the patio with my book and coffee in the mornings. What do you do with the first start of Spring coming soon?

Throw out those boots

Is it too early to say that? Rain, snow and freezing weather has passed and we are now getting 57 degree weather! Too early? It is still February and I am waiting for the other shoe (or snow) to fall. Although I did get a bit of spring fever today and the groundhog said an early spring…one can only hope.

Meanwhile, I am looking at spring clothes and shoes to buy. Too early? I don’t care because when the time comes these items might not be there or not in my size. And the price is right! I have always had problems with shoes but have finally found that Cushion Walk not only fits my feet good but also are so comfortable its like not wearing any shoes….now to decide what color to buy. I usually go with black but these spring colors look so….well, springy.

What do you think?