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We celebrated the first day of school – by not going

The first day of school…that happy time for parents who had the kids home all summer; for children wanting to get back and meet up with their friends; for days of learning and doing well.  And so, this year it was on a Wednesday and it was a beautiful day, hot but no rain.  So everyone was excited to go.  Except me.  I didnt go…instead I went to breakfast with friends…

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Do you use this in the summer?

Every time I think of hand cream, I think of winter.  Why?  Because winter is the season where the cold makes your hands dry.  And so I make sure I use hand cream all day long.  When I am inside the house, especially after washing dishes.  When I am outside in the cold weather.

But have you ever thought of using it in the summer?  I am not sure most people even consider it…why? the weather is warmer, the sun gives us Vitamin D….and some people think sun tan lotion does the same job (yes, they have often told me this).

But I feel you need those hand creams during the summer even more because the sun dries out your skin also.  So I have a tube in my bag always and use it in the morning, while I am out in the sun and also at night before bed.

How about you?





We didnt have a pool….

…..when I was young.  But then again we lived two blocks from the beach.  So weekends were spent there.  But the ocean wasnt the only way we got cool in the summer.

Some of you wont remember this, but my aunt took a hose and hooked it up over the clothes line.  And we were happy to cool off there in the back yard with water spraying us.  I looked for a picture but alas guess that wasnt a thing to keep record of.  I did find another way by using a hose and an empty soda bottle, filled with holes so that the water sprayed all over.

The idea was just to keep cool in the hot summers.  What were some of the ways you kept cool as a kid in the summer?  Please share.

Black and White

Got your summer on yet?  It’s steaming in NY and what better way to keep the sun from bleaching your hair or giving you sunstroke….than to wear our beautiful hat.


The color – black and white – goes with everything.  But being summer, why not wear white only and top it off with an Off Duty Hat.

Straw-like, wide brimmed fedora with a white and black pattern.  One size fits most.  Wipe clean…

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How many did you get?

It seems Mother Nature is not done with us yet.  I pass by the Gardening Centers and see pansies and other flowers ready for planting,  I almost bought some to start planting – it is April already and I cant wait to get my hands into the dirt and start planting.  This year I am really going to work my garden….I got rid of my gardener because I love being creative with flowers.  I might even plant tomatoes again.

But I am glad I didnt buy any plants yet because this morning we got five inches of snow – many areas got up to 7 inches.  So I am continuing to wear my sweaters and winter coats….put on my boots to do some shopping – and am waiting to plant.  Maybe May?


We are never satisfied…

So I got up on Friday and it was still raining.  Pouring rain that was not stopping.  We just got done with 4 days of continuously hot weather.  You know the type – in the high 90s with lots of humidity.  We go from the AC house to the AC car to the AC store.  But we did get out of the house.  I few times I tried to sit on the deck with a cup of iced coffee but that didnt last long.  Hubby is a heart patient so he had to stay in – tried walking but got as far as two blocks before calling me to pick him up.  Was no weather for man or beast.

And then the rain – yes the did clean up the streets, it did water the plants….but it is not doing any good to my old bones.  But there is a pill for that so I sat drinking my coffee waiting for the pill to take affect trying to figure out what to do.  Was going shopping for the BBQ tomorrow but it is supposed to rain again…..

Was it that long ago we were complaining about the cold weather and the snow?  What exactly is the weather we would be satisfied with?  For myself I love the warm weather (notice I said warm, not hot) – The weather you can run out into without a coat – maybe take a sweater for the evening –

What is your type of weather???