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I just spent two hours upstairs in my bedroom getting rid of stuff. How do we accumulate so much. There were outfits in my closet with tags on them. So I ended up with three bags of clothes to donate and still more to do.

It always seemed like a huge task and everyday I said I would start tomorrow. But tomorrow never came. I am on a weight loss program and have recently dropped 40 lbs….so a lot of my clothes are now swimming on me. Planning to lose more I decided today was the day to purge myself of those huge sizes that are not fitting anymore (a good thing).

Slowly I have been decluttering the downstairs rooms like the kitchen, dining room and living room. My biggest problem is hubby. He doesnt want to get rid of anything – so I am secretly ridding our home of “stuff”. But if I do a large amount, then he will know and actually go into the trash to retrieve it.

So here and there I dump things in the trash but not make it too heavy and get him suspicious. I had a drawer of keys (some from the owner before me)….really? Why was the being kept?