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Cant make up my mind..

This weather is playing havoc on my clothes.  Hats, no hats.  Gloves, no gloves.  Boots, no boots.  I dont mind the cold weather….although I prefer the warm.  But this ping pong of weather we are having is driving me to drink….(a glass of wine now and then!)

It’s February and now March and there is no let up on the crazy weather.  One day it hits 70s or high 60s and I tend to change my outerwear and then it plunges down to the 20s where I am upset because I didnt take that hat and the wind is hurting my ears.

So my wardrobe looks like half and half…half winter clothes and half spring clothes…just got a great pair of sandals that I want to wear so badly.  I also got a beautiful vest that will go great with them…and so today I went out with my sweater under my winter coat and my boots (forgot the hat again.)

But spring is just about 15 days away, spring baseball  is on TV (the Mets play in Florida and I envy that type of weather) and so I will wait until finally I am able to shed these winter clothes and maybe start planting my flowers and tomatoes?  A little too early just yet….


Happy Birthday

Yesterday I celebrated another birthday.  I stopped counting about 10 years ago because age is just a number.  My health and well being is what is important and what I need to work on.  So I am trying to eat right, walk more and get more sleep.  But as I woke up with hubby singing “Happy Birthday” to me I had to decide what to do for my birthday.  Hubby said anything I want so thought maybe lunch or dinner out, I am not one for a showy day.  As the day went on and I waited for hubby to get dressed, my front door opened and in walked my son and his family.  They live about one hour away and this was a surprise.  Shortly after that the rest of the clan came and I found out the girls were taking me out to lunch while the boys stayed home and ordered pizza.  I was delighted and so surprised.

The day was perfect with close to 70 degree weather – this is NY people, that does not happen.  I hate celebrating my birthday because of the month and the fact that the weather would never cooperate.  But today it did – lunch was great, got cards, flowers, balloons and ice cream cake…..plus hugs and kisses – calls, texts, emails and great conversation.  What more could a mom ask for.  I am blessed.

This morning I had breakfast with some good friends – who treated me – and the celebration goes on and on.  Not bad for an old lady…lol

Retirement Doings

As I sit here getting closer and closer to retirement I feel my heart beating so fast at the  thought – What am I doing?  I worked 12 years BTK (before the kids) then stayed home to take care of the kids – and when they were all teenagers – I returned to work.  Here it is 26 years later….and where did that time go.  In between I became a mother-in-law 4 times and a grandma 9 times.

But alas, we will not look in the past but with retirement around the corner – to the future. But to date I have not thought of what will happen when this time comes. But I do have 16 more weeks to think about it.


I did come up with a list of thoughts on what I would like to do:

Wake up late

Sit and Read while drinking my coffee

Shop early in the morning when there is no crowd

Go to the movies in the middle of the day

Work my Avon during the day (my time is limited now so then I will work it full time – or whenever I want)

Garden – love flowers and now I can really get into it – plus going to grow tomatoes again.

Stay home when there is bad weather – no more trudging to work in the snow!

I’m sure there is more – save that for the next blog!



Scaly, dry legs

All my life I have had to contend with scaly, white legs. The dryness made my skin tight and ugly.  The definition of scaly skin is the loss of the outer layer of the epidermis in large, scale-like flakes. The skin appears dry and cracked, though skin dryness isn’t always to blame.  But I thought I would first try to get rid of this dryness myself without going to a dermatologist to see if there was a medical reason.

And where would I turn to in order to find a solution?  No other place than Avon – as a representative I find I cannot recommend any of my products to customers honestly unless I have at least tried them.  I was big on Footworks for my feet and have found my calluses gone and my heels nice and smooth.  So I investigated in the best lotion for my legs.  And I have come up with Moisture Therapy….


While there are more than one type of lotion, I found the Intensive Healing and Repair Body Lotion the best.  So much so that I bought the 33.8 oz size and keep it on my nightstand.  Every night after I shower I rub it onto my legs and have also started using it on my arms.  The best ever lotion and now my legs are scale free, smooth and has so much moisture on them.  This lotion is not greasy and perfect for using before jumping into bed.

It is on sale right now for only $10.49 for the bonus size – get it while it last by clicking on this link https://www.avon.com/product/moisture-therapy-bonus-size-body-lotion-intensive-healing-repair-53258?rep=ashapiro

Winter is not over yet.  Remember spring is around the corner and who wouldnt want beautiful legs!

Injection #2

Tonight I returned to the doctor to receive my second injection.  While the first one took a day or two to really sink in, I am hoping the same with this one. Last week the injection went into the left side of my knee.  This week it went into the right side.  The pain was worst than last week even with the Lidocaine to numb the area.  My hubby told me later that I did more “ow”ing than last time.  But it felt worse than last time and seemed to take longer for some reason.


The good news was we only had an hour wait as compared to last week with the three hour wait…This time we got a parking space right outside the doctors office too.  Last week we had a long walk to get to the car.  So I am home tonight resting the knee and hopefully tomorrow it will feel so much better.


I know mentally I will feel better as it was just announced that due to the impending snow storm…..school will be closed….so an extra day to rest up my knee and enjoy the free time..

We are never satisfied…

So I got up on Friday and it was still raining.  Pouring rain that was not stopping.  We just got done with 4 days of continuously hot weather.  You know the type – in the high 90s with lots of humidity.  We go from the AC house to the AC car to the AC store.  But we did get out of the house.  I few times I tried to sit on the deck with a cup of iced coffee but that didnt last long.  Hubby is a heart patient so he had to stay in – tried walking but got as far as two blocks before calling me to pick him up.  Was no weather for man or beast.

And then the rain – yes the did clean up the streets, it did water the plants….but it is not doing any good to my old bones.  But there is a pill for that so I sat drinking my coffee waiting for the pill to take affect trying to figure out what to do.  Was going shopping for the BBQ tomorrow but it is supposed to rain again…..

Was it that long ago we were complaining about the cold weather and the snow?  What exactly is the weather we would be satisfied with?  For myself I love the warm weather (notice I said warm, not hot) – The weather you can run out into without a coat – maybe take a sweater for the evening –

What is your type of weather???