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Tomorrow is the day

Yesterday I spent two hours going over papers.  Reading, signing and having them notarized.  Picking options, making copies … Today I sorted through them re-checking everything to make sure I had all the forms properly filled out.

Tomorrow I will take all these papers and go directly to the office where I will put in my Retirement papers to make it official.  How do I feel you ask me (or maybe you dont) but I really cant explain it.  Happy, Sad, Afraid, Sorry, Excited…

All of the above.  I want to because it is time.  I look forward to doing whatever I want, waking when I want – even if it is early in the morning.  Shopping in stores that are not crowded – doing errands during the week instead of everything on Saturday or even better, on my way home from work.

Yes, I am looking forward to it…..will let you know how it went – they say it will take about two hours….well, once it is done all I have to do is finish out the rest of the school year (12 days but who’s counting)  and – that’s it!


Have you ever had a……

crazy day?  You might ask what constitutes a crazy day for you and do you mean good crazy or bad crazy?  Well, today was a good crazy day – one in which you did not know anything that was planned but just went with it anyway.

It started the night before when #1 son called and we talked for awhile.  You see he lives about an hour away and we dont get to see each other that much.  Between work and kids and schedules well, it is just not that easy.  We seem to overlap so many things and so this was a surprise when son said he wanted to visit this weekend.   Just before going to bed we get a text that he would be coming to spend some time with us today.


As it happened Saturday is usually a hectic day for me since I work all week and the only time I have is weekends to do shopping, cleaning and selling my Avon….but I put that aside to make time for him and his family.  In between doing errands, we watched my other grandkids for a few hours just before getting our visit.  While playing with the kids we looked outside to see large snowflakes coming down like crazy but that didnt stop us from going to the local deli to order dinner, but still keeping an eye on the weather.  They luckily only predicted an inch.  Lo and behold after dinner son #3 shows up with his family and the decision was made for them to go bowling.  They all left and hubby and I settled down for the night – him to take his nap and me to write this blog.

Life is good – tiring sometimes – but good.  Now that all is quiet I will get back to my orders for Avon since Campaign 3 needs to be submitted tomorrow and I have loads to do.  Have you placed your order yet?  I am still located at www.youravon.com/ashapiro

Looking for some sales?? #free items

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Word of the Week – discombobulated

Definition: disconcert or confuse (someone)

I used this word with my grandson and completely confused him….lol  I tried to explain it and he looked even more complexed than ever.  He informed me that this was a funny word….and after some thought I wonder why you would use it – it is simpler to say “He is confused” 

I try not to use “big” words, especially around the kids…it means too much explaining to them and they really dont care.  I dont think I have ever used this word not even in a paper I was writing.  The reason it even came up was because it was used with my grandson while we were watching Spiderman.  And I still dont know why I used it.  

Have you ever used “big” words that you had to explain to someone?  And what were they?  Do we have to use these words?  because the simple words do the same thing…..think about it!