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It was beautiful….

I have been feeling a bit down lately.  Probably because the winter wont go away….or spring wont come yet.  Been in the house way too much also.  Hubby is not well…his idea of life is eating, watching tv and sleeping.  While I dont blame him – the meds make him tired – and each year seems to be harder for him….I have found that I need to move….so I had finally decided ….

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I have small ones

I woke up this morning and saw it was cold and snowy out.  Just checked the temp outside and while it is 16 degrees it says it feels more like zero.  Yes, I said zero.  Time to move to Florida?  I probably would if most of my children and grandchildren didnt live here.  Cant see me leaving just yet.  So I manage with my arthritis and knee pain – and am staying in today.  We decided not even to go out food shopping although the closet is getting bare.  We actually got on the phone and called the local supermarket to order for delivery.  Just got the staples and that was enough…..actually spent less than usual because we got what we put on a list and not what our eyes saw to buy (even if we didnt need it)

So by staying in I couldn’t decide if I should put on makeup or not.  Just hanging around, relaxing and reading. But when I went to the bathroom I noticed that my eyes are so small and you can hardly see them.  What if someone dropped by?  I decided then that at least I would put on a bit of eyeliner just to show that I do have eyes.  Somehow they get lost in my face without makeup.  No mascara, just eyeliner…and at least I feel a bit dressed.  How about you?  Do you ever go without makeup?  And when is that?


Avon has eyeliner today – buy one and get one for half price

No More Makeup

As we get closer and closer to the holidays minds turn away from makeup and go on to other things…..said no one ever.  But today I will get away from makeup and beauty for this post.  Why? Because we are in the gift season and while Avon is great for their makeup, they are also great with Limited Edition gifts.

Avon (for a short time) is selling throws, and game sets….how about mugs and plate sets?  And the best part is they are in gift boxes so all you have to do is wrap them up …..need a gift for grandma?  Nothing better than a throw for those cold evenings in the living room (I know, I’m a grandma)  And I love to have a cup of tea – so why not that mug set?

This is only one page of Campaign 26 brochure……take a look at some more………HERE..


Overstock their Stockings

Everyone loves stocking stuffers.  But what to get is another story.  Well, Avon has it covered because their stocking stuffers are not only small enough to fit into any size stocking – but excellent choices for children as well as adults.

Everyone needs lip balm and hand cream.  And here is a wide variety of Vita Moist, Moisture Therapy and Silicone Glove.  Actually if you dont need stocking stuffers – these are great to throw into your purse…..also available is lip balm in delicious flavors such as Marshmallow Frosting, Buttercream, Sugar Cookie and Candy Cane.

Some come with a 12 month calendar…..and the best part is you get all 10 for only $14.00 (order item #819254)  I already bought mine….how about you?  Head on over to my e-store now….at www.youravon.com/ashapiro before this supply goes.



Boot season is almost here.  And with it brings extra dryness, and even cracked heels and roughened calluses.  Avon took care of your feet all summer.  And Avon will take care of them through the fall.  Start by giving the a spa treatment in your home.

Know how your feet feel after having a pedicure….that smooth feeling – energized feeling – soft feeling

Now transform your feet from dry to supersoft and smooth by using Footworks Ginger and White Tea Collection

Exfoliate – leaves feet feeling energized Item #267450

Soften – leaves feet feeling soft Item #267890

Moisturize – transforms feet from dry to supersoft Item #267847

OR PURCHASE ALL 3 FOR ONLY $13.99 using Item #741549


    now available at www.youravon.com/ashapiro

What will you do?

As the months pass us by I find myself looking forward to retirement.  I have worked since I was 17, taking off 10 years to raise my children, and then going back to work.  A total of almost 40 years – time to rest.  My job is great, I love it – I am around children a lot, working in a school.  I am the payroll secretary and am good at what I do.

But the time has come – I want to enjoy the rest of my life – not get up at 5:30 am every day – 7:00 sounds much better.  I want to do what I want to do – not what I have to do.  If I want to sit and read and have a glass of wine – I can!  I am now being asked what will I do once I retire…..the list is long – on top of it is to work my Avon business more – it has been a part time job for me, but I would like to branch out.  (and its not really work to me) Then there will be taking a course in our local community school, joining a community center, going to book signings (they are always at 1 pm in the afternoon) and of course living in NYC affords me so many opportunities to venture out and experience so much.

Recently I read an Article in Market Watch that listed the 10 best things to do in retirement:

  1. Get a job – just left one, no way but then again I have my Avon job…..so – way
  2. Volunteer – going to do that
  3. Take up a sport – yeah right – maybe a zumba class, or walking?
  4. Get a hobby – yes, plan on doing gardening (maybe tomatoes) and of course I love to crochet
  5. Start a business – or for me, continue my Avon business
  6. Travel – yes, must fit in a cruise or two and then there are day trips – love to drive, Atlantic City here I come.
  7. Take a bridge (gap) year – especially great when that snow keeps falling and I dont have to get up to go to work!
  8. Camp for adults – never heard of that one Mmmmm
  9. Go south for the winter – as good as that sounds I am too close to my family who are all here in NY – but maybe!  I do have a sister in Florida…..
  10. Make new friends who ages are different from yours….hopefully that will happen when I take courses.

And the best part is I dont have to do any of the above – I can do whatever I want!