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No time for…..

Reading?  As an avid reader I am always carrying my Kindle around with me.  That is one of the reasons I carry a tote bag….besides my Avon books and samples, I find my Kindle stuck in the corner of my bag because you never know…..you may be sitting somewhere waiting (arent we always waiting for something) and it becomes an opportunity to read.


We recently took in a Broadway show – drove all the way into the city in snail traffic but managed to arrive 1/2 hour before they opened the doors…..and waited – and read…..

I have been searching blogs that write about reading, not only their reviews but also what they think of reading – how they get reading done within their day.  And I started to think about how much people read.  One blog said she wanted to read 5 books for the month of  June and ended up reading 9.  It used to take me 2 weeks to read a book, therefore I could only claim about 2 books per month.

In addition to reading I am also posting reviews…..on Goodreads.com, this blog and my other blog…So please feel free to follow me and check out my reviews.

But now that I am retired, I find there is more reading time – or am I just making more time because I know I can do other things tomorrow….Ahh, that word “tomorrow”….while I have used it in regard to laundry, cleaning and cooking……I have never said I would read tomorrow…and on that note I will end and ——go back to reading!

Word of the Week – discombobulated

Definition: disconcert or confuse (someone)

I used this word with my grandson and completely confused him….lol  I tried to explain it and he looked even more complexed than ever.  He informed me that this was a funny word….and after some thought I wonder why you would use it – it is simpler to say “He is confused” 

I try not to use “big” words, especially around the kids…it means too much explaining to them and they really dont care.  I dont think I have ever used this word not even in a paper I was writing.  The reason it even came up was because it was used with my grandson while we were watching Spiderman.  And I still dont know why I used it.  

Have you ever used “big” words that you had to explain to someone?  And what were they?  Do we have to use these words?  because the simple words do the same thing…..think about it!