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We celebrated the first day of school – by not going

The first day of school…that happy time for parents who had the kids home all summer; for children wanting to get back and meet up with their friends; for days of learning and doing well.  And so, this year it was on a Wednesday and it was a beautiful day, hot but no rain.  So everyone was excited to go.  Except me.  I didnt go…instead I went to breakfast with friends…

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I Carry My Store with Me

I bet you didnt know you can do that.  Who ever heard of carrying a store with you.  But the amazing part is, I do that.  I have no overhead…great not paying rent and my store can be stored anywhere.  I have my store in my bag, in my car and of course at home.  I bring it with me wherever I go.

I am an Avon Rep and all I need is my computer and brochures. The brochures are my store to give out to customers…everything I sell is in that book….My computer is my order book…and even better when I dont have the computer with me, my phone does the job.

Last week my husband was in the hospital, so I spent my time driving into the city, spending the day with him and then driving home at night.  Exhaustion set in as soon as I got home.  Did this for five days with my order being due on Sunday.  How was I going to get customers while taking care of hubby.

No problem.  Met people in the hospital, introduced them to my “store” – handed out brochures.  Took orders on my phone, gave out my business card.  While in the hospital I texted customers that orders were due on Sunday and they texted me back their orders.  Then I placed orders through the phone……and that is how I got $800 in orders to submit on Sunday night.  40% of that order is mine…..

There is nothing better than just needing your phone or even a pen and paper to work your business…..can you do this?

If I have your interest in becoming an Avon Rep, please contact me at beautyboss2015@gmail.com on how to join my team.  You start off with a Starter Kit and free website…..and then you can take your store with you too!


Start Your Career Today

New Avon LLC* (“Avon”) is the leading social selling beauty company in North America, with independent sales Representatives across the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Avon’s products include skincare, color cosmetics, fragrance and personal care products, featuring brands such as ANEW, Avon Color, mark., and Skin So Soft, as well as fashion and accessories. Recently added has been our Health and Wellness line called Espira.

Avon has been around for over 130 years empowering women through economic opportunity, and supports efforts to end breast cancer and domestic violence.

This is the company that puts mascara on lashes and food on tables. That fights wrinkles with one hand and breast cancer with the other. That knows the value of a perfect lip, but still opens its mouth and speaks out against domestic violence and for women’s financial independence. This is the company that not only brings beauty to doors, but also opens them. This is Avon . The company that for over a century has stood for beauty, innovation, optimism and, above all, for women.

Isn’t this the type of company you would like to work for?  Well, you can, by becoming an Independent Sales Rep….Be your own BeautyBoss and make the money you want or need….For as little as $25  you can purchase a starter kit – that is all you need…you will be on your way to success with full size products, a free website, free order books, brochures, great training, contact with other reps for all the support you need….

For a short time also, receive a free Espira Hunger Block worth $25 with your kit.  Now is the time to become a Rep…ask me how!

Get Rich Quick

It’s all around us.  Plastered all over social media.  Those ads and postings that say you dont have to invest anything in order to make a lot of money.  Want more information?  Just drop an “info please” note in the comments.

And there you go, loads and loads of people dropping an – info me – because they all want the answer to getting money fast and easy.

So it is no wonder why when I post for team members – no one is interested.  They don’t want to put out the minimum of $25 to get a starter kit (worth $80) in order to start their business.  A business that has been around for 130 years, that I have done 11 years and love….the small investment was not a problem – in return you got a load of items to help you start your business including a free website.  The website is even being updated as I write this.  Avon will have their own Social Media area where you can make and share to your Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts all your goods, sales and discounts.

Remember: there is no get rich quick…wish there was….but a little work and commitment will take you on to owning your own business to work at your own pace….Just this morning I was out delivering brochures to customers and potentially new customers…..and came home to two orders online already….how easy was that?  Ask me how you can join my team….info please!


Why am I getting Job Offers?

So this year I retired.  Never thought I would but it finally came about and you know what — love it.  Went downtown for my consult and before I even put my papers in – was approached by a friend who works there and asked if I wanted a part time job.  Nice to be asked.  As a school secretary I could also work as a substitute.  Told him I would think about it.  Working as a sub – is it really being retired?

As I settled into my routine of sleeping later (no more 5:30 wake ups) – eating breakfast, reading my book and having that second cup of coffee….I decided I could get use to this.  Around 10:00 am my day starts.  Clean a little, maybe some laundry and then get out my planner to see what is on the agenda for my current home business of selling Avon…

It’s a job I love so my day is spent talking to customers, posting online and delivering orders.  Last week I got a call from my son asking if I could pick up my grandson from school – he was sick…..so I ran over to the school, signed him out and talked to some of the secretaries working there.  As we were into a conversation, I was asked if I wanted to work there – as a sub…….do I?  Funny how when we are looking for jobs they are hard to get.  Here I retired, with no expectations of ever working again – except for my Avon business – and then I get offered two jobs.  Oh wait, make that three – one of my other sons work in a school and also asked if I would like to fill in for a secretary out on maternity leave…..

But alas I find I love my new life.  No stress, work at my own pace.  Meet interesting people through my Avon business….and just chill.  Like sitting on the patio in this beautiful weather with a glass of wine and my book…..



The Time is Now

Sorry I havent been around for the past two days but I have been working my business.  My last post  talked about all the tossing I did and when you do tossing you have to expect some calls from new customers.  Since my orders are going in tonight I have to get on board and plan for these new customers.  I have a planner and a book where I keep all the information on my customers and today I am entering all the orders to be placed.


Somewhere in between I received a call from someone who wants to become an Avon Rep.  I am excited to add her to my team and after some time on the phone I emailed her a long list of what to do, how to do it – love my work!

I also realize that shortly the holidays will be upon us and everyone needs that extra money – now for the holidays, later for that coat or tv you want.  I originally started just to make some extra money for dinners and entertainment time.  But since retiring, I am working my business full time for things I want – I see a cruise in my future!

Need a part time job for the holidays?  for something special you want?  Now is the Time….for as little as a $25 investment you too can become a #BeautyBoss

Contact me today at www.youravon.com/ashapiro

Slow Down

The time has come to smell the flowers.  Our nation is always on the go.  I was always on the go.  Get up early in the morning, work, shop, cook, transport kids, – when do we stop.  I am guilty of this type of life also.  There is never enough time in the day to accomplish all we have to do.

So what if we stopped – turn off the electronics, sit on the patio with a cup of coffee and a good book for what?  an hour or two?  Will the world come to an end?  Cant the shopping wait until tomorrow or later?  This world is always on fast forward and life is short.  When was the last time you took a bath.  Not enough time?  Sure, a shower is quicker but not as relaxing.

Take time – read more, drink that cup of coffee on your patio not in the train station.  More and more young people are having heart attacks because of the fast pace and continuous working in our lives.

Take time to smell the